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79 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I


December 1. - Brigade on the march from Franklin to Nashville; arrived at Nashville in the evening; went into position near Fort Negley; remained until the 15th.

December 15. - Moved to the extreme right; participated in the engagement before Nashville; pursued the enemy as far as Columbia; went into camp and remained there during the month.

January 1, 1865. - This brigade was lying in camp near Columbia, Tenn.

January 2. - We broke camp and moved to Clifton, Tenn.; distance, seventy-five miles.

January 6. - Arrived there.

January 16. - At night we went on board of transports, which conveyed us to Cincinnati, Ohio, by water.

January 21. - Arrived there; got on the cars and proceeded to Alexandria, Va.

January 25. - We arrived there at night, and since have been quartered at the Soldiers' Rest.

First Division.


December 1. - The division was engaged in constructing a line of defenses in conjunction with the Second and Third Divisions, Detachment Army of the Tennessee, around Nashville, Tenn., on the west side of the city.

December 15. - At 6 a. m., in accordance with instructions from the major-general commanding detachment, the division moved upon the enemy via Hardin and Charlotte pikes, with the Second Division on the left of the First Division, and the Third Division in reserve. The division made the first successful assault upon the enemy's lines; charged and captured several works, with 11 guns and caissons, several hundred prisoners and muskets, and a considerable amount of ammunition, having driven the enemy from every standpoint until darkness closed the fighting for the day.

December 16. - In the morning the enemy was found occupying a new line, having fallen back from his advanced works during the night. The First Division was again the first to face him, and for a short time in the morning was dangerously threatened by its advanced position. Soon, however, the Second Division came in position on the left of the First Division and the Fourth Corps on the left of the Second Division. In the afternoon of the 16th the First Division charged the salient point of the enemy, defeating and completely routing him. The First Division in this charge captured 13 guns and caissons, several thousand prisoners, 2 brigadier-generals, besides several thousand stand of arms and some ammunition. Durning the two days' fight the division captured 13 battle-flags.

December 17. - Started with the army in pursuit of the enemy. Marched via Franklin, Columbia, Pulaski, and Lawrenceburg, near which the division encamped on the 31st, destined for Clifton, Tenn.

January 2, 1865. - This division arrived at Clifton, Tenn.

January 5. - The First Brigade embarked on transports; moved up the Tennessee River, and debarked at Eastport, Miss.

January 8. - The remainder of the division embarked for Eastport, where they arrived on the 10th instant and went into camp.