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80 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I

Page 80 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.

The First Brigade joined the division, and temporary winter quarters were built by the troops for their immediate comfort. A line of works was thrown up for the defenses, and the troops assigned to the respective parts of the line. The regiments have been actively engaged in making the prescribed returns required by the several bureaus of the and parades have been required so far as practicable.

First Brigade, First Division.

December 1 to 15. - This brigade remained at Nashville, Tenn., occupying a portion of the exterior line established to protect that city in case of an attack by the rebels under Hood.

December 15. - It marched out as a part of the First Division, Detachment Army of the Tennessee, to attack the enemy, taking a prominent part in the fighting on that and the following day, being the first in both days to break the lines of the enemy, capturing 15 pieces of artillery complete, 2,500 stand of small-arms, 4 battle-flags, and nearly 1,800 prisoners, including 1 general officer and a large number of other commissioned officers. For the gallantry and success of the command, the colonel commanding received on the field thanks in person from Major-General Thomas, commanding department and army, Major General A. J. Smith, commanding corps, and, through a staff officer, the congratulations of Brigadier-General McArthur, commanding division.

December 18 [17]. - The brigade moved in pursuit of the retreating rebels, and on the last day of the month encamped between Lawrenceburg and Waynesborough, Tenn.

[January, 1865.] - This brigade arrived at this place [Eastport, Miss.,] on the 6th instant, where it has since been doing fatigue and guard duty.

Second Brigade, First Division.

December 1. - The brigade formed in line of battle to the left of the Charlotte pike, two miles west of Nashville, Tenn., and remained entrenching its position until the 15th, when it moved out to attack the enemy. During the engagements on the 15th and 16th the brigade captured from the enemy move 2,000 prisoners (including 1 brigadier-general), 9 pieces or artillery, and 7 stand of colors, losing 39 killed and 280 wounded.

December 17. - It moved in pursuit of the enemy, and marching via Franklin, Columbia, and Pulaski, bivouacked on the 31st midway between Lawrenceburg and Waynesborough, Tenn. Total distance marched, 106 miles.

January 1, 1865. - The brigade moved from its bivouac fifteen miles west of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., and, marching via Waynesborough, arrived at Clifton, Tenn., January 2.

January 8. - Embarked on transports, and moved to Eastport, Miss., arriving and going into camp January 10.

During the remainder of the month the brigade has remained in camp at Eastport, Miss. Distance marched, thirty-one miles; distance moved by transports, eighty miles.

Third Brigade, First Division.

December 1. - At Nashville, Tenn., entrenching.

December 15. - The brigade ordered to move against the enemy, then in force in front of Nashville; engaged in the battle of that day and the 16th.

Page 80 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.