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41 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 41 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.

The following changes of officers' stations have been made:

Lieutenant [Wilson] Bruyn from Pope's to Fort Pulaski, and thence to Edisto. Lieutenant Fenner stationed at Folly Island, Lieutenant [Gustavus S.] Dana from staff of Colonel Chatfied to signal station, Hilton Head. Lieutenant [Charles F.] Cross, from Beaufort to Cane Island, and thence to Hilton Head. Lieutenant [George] Stroop from Holly Island to Hilton Head, and thence to guard-shop Mohawk. Lieutenant [Edwin H.] Hickok from Eidsto to Saint Helena Island. Lieutenant [Paul] Brodie from Hilton Head to Pope's, and thence to Hilton Head. Lieutenant [Thomas E.] Weber from Cane Island to Folly. Lieutenant [John M.] Head from Fort Pulaski to Folly Island. Lieutenant [Marshall P.] Hawkins from Braddock's Point to Edisto. Lieutenant [N. Saxton] Cooley from Spanish Wells to Folly Island.

On the 3rd instant, I received an order from Major-General Hunter to send 4 officer immediately to report to Colonel Barton, commanding at Fort Pulaski, for duty in the field. I sent Lieutenants [Townsend L.] Hatfied, Hammer, Weber, and [Jonathan W.] Davis. They returned on the afternoon of the 4th, having accompanied Colonel Barton on an expedition which accomplish the destruction of Bluffton. The signals were made use of, and Colonel Barton thanked the officers for their services, but the affair was so small a one that I did not deem it worthy to be made the subject of a special report.

On the the 8th instant, I was directed to open signal communication with Land's End, a new post established on Saint Helena Island. I have accordingly had a station erected there, at point from which communication can be had with Hilton Head and with Beaufort (via Cane Island), if it should be desired at any future time.

The enemy having opened fire upon Folly Island, and two of our stations being in range of their shells, I deemed it prudent to place relieve the non-commissioned officers there and at Edisto who were ordered away to be mustered out, I could only supply them by the abandonment of one of our permanent lines where communication by magnetic telegraph has been established, and upon my request on the 18th the general commanding directed signal communication between Hilton Head and Fort Pulaski to be suspended, and I sent Lieutenants Fenner and Head to Folly Island as spare officers. Since then, signal communication has been established between General Vogdes' headquarters and Cole's Island, and Lieutenant Cooley has been compelled to go into the hospital, and thus they are both occupied. On the 26th, the general commanding directed the line to be discontinued to Beaufort, and directed me to call the officers from Beaufort and Cane Island hare, and hold them ready for any service.

On the 27th, he directed me to station an officer on the guard-ship Mohawk, lying at the bar, in order to communicate anything relative to ships arriving and passing, and to keep the health officer who is stationed there in communication with headquarters. On the 1st instant, I received a communication from Lieutenant-Colonel Halpine, assistant adjutant-general of the department, which he had referred to me, being from Colonel Barton, Forty-eighth New York Volunteers, informing Colonel Halpine that he had placed in arrest Lieutenant Head, acting signal officer at Fort Pulaski, for alleged disrespectful language. Learning the facts, I deemed the action of Colonel Barton hasty and ill-advised, and returned the communication with a report of Lieutenant Head's statement, and a request that Colonel

Page 41 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.