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52 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 52 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

Helena Island were also landed there, and on the morning of the 13th, having been out during the night to find timber and see the spot for the Saint Helena tower, I took the parties to their places, and they commenced getting out timber. the next two days were consumed in getting parties rationed and at work, and them always going on well. On the 3rd of November it was through the towers were far enough advanced to commence practicing from them. I opened communication that day between Otter and Saint Helena Islands.

I could not see Hilton Head from Saint Helena tower, so I arranged a plan of rocket signals to get the line. I went to Hilton Head and tried it, saw the rockets, and marked the line. i also tried the same plan between Botany Bay and Otter Islands, and found and make the lines, but could not see the tower, they not having reached the necessary height.

On the 7th, I sent for and stationed officers and flagmen as follows: At Botany Bay Island, Lieutenants Bruyn and Morrill; at Oter Island, Lieutenant Weber; at Saint Helena Island, Lieutenants Hatfield and Stroop. I went to Hilton Head on the 7th, and remainder until the 9th, endeavoring to open communication with Saint Helena tower, but unsuccessfully. It having been three reported that the Botany Bay tower was seen from Oter Island, I directed the engineers to built no higher, but finish those two towers the height they were. I then went to Saint Helena tower, and finding it 126 feet high, and that from the top of it only the tops of the highest masts at Hilon Head could be seen, I decided to have that no higher, as it could not be carried high enough to see without a tower at Hilton Head, but to select a point from which communication with Hilton Head could be had, and connect that with the tower by a line of signal telegraph wire. So, on the 13th, having been delayed until then by had weather, I visited a plantation called Sea Side, about 4 miles from the tower, and opened communication with Hilton Head. I found tat there was much difficulty often in communication over this stretch, as both stations wee so low as to bring the line through all the smoke of the river and the vapors arising from the marsh, though the station could be seen from the tower and obviate the necessity of any wire. The 14th and 15th, I tried all day and night to communicate, but got nothing through, nor any satisfactory replies, it being so smoky as to mae reading almost impossible.

One the 16th, I tried and got answer that Otter Island could not see Botany Bay, as the tower, he thought, was not high enough. I visited Otter Island, and could see nothing of the tower. I gave direction to have the tower on Otter Island raised 20 feet, and on Botany Bay 14 feet, making each 140 feet high. I sent orders to Lieutenant Hawkins to go to Kiawah Island, to have temporary station built there, the smoke of camp preventing communication from Botany Bay.

Finding it so difficult to communicate with Sea Side from Hilton Head, I decided to make a new station, and accordingly made one at Dr. Lawrence's place, called "Luccaneaugh," 3 miles nearer Hilton Head. This not being visible from the tower on Saint Helena Island, I ran a line of wire over 7 miles to connect the two stations, and thus secured perfect communication as far as Otter Island. I then thought the only difficulty lay between Otter Island and Botany Bay, and on the 20th, the tower having been completed to the height directed, and not being in communication, I decided to make an intermediate

Page 52 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.