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137 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 137 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.

Gunboat in Folly River threw shells at the lower part of this [James] island last evening, but they fell short.

Application was made to-day by telegraph to Colonel Gorgas for two 10-inch mortars. A reply was received, signed T. S. Rhett:

We have no 10-inch mortars.

September 29, 1863.-Atmosphere too hazy this morning to count number and character of the enemy's fleet.

Since yesterday morning, Moultrie, Bee, Simkins, Haskell, and Cheves have been in action at various times, firing in all about 147 shots.

The enemy's work on Morris Island progresses as usual. A traverse has been thrown up at Gregg to protect a gun there from the fire from Sullivan's Island, and two other traverses for the protection of two columbiads from the fire of our James Island batteries. It is thought a mortar battery has been built in the sand-hill east of Gregg, to bear upon Sumter.

Work is progressing at Wagner. The glacis on the northeast face is completed; also embrasures for three guns bearing on Sullivan's Island.

The enemy opened fire again to-day on Fort Sumter from Gadberry Hill, and ceased after firing 94 shots at the fort and a few at Battery Simkins. Their fire against the latter work occasioned no damage or casualties. Of the 94 shots thrown at the former, 35 struck. The damage was immaterial, and no casualties are reported.

Colonel Ormsby Blanding reports that 59 rounds were fired to-day from 8-inch shell gun in Battery Simkins, and 7 shells from Cheves. The effect of the fire from Simkins was apparently good, while the shells from Cheves failed to explode.

The engineer force at Battery Haskell is still engaged in raising the frame of the bomb-proof. Some shots were fired to-day from this work with the 4,62 gun No. 2 at a party on Black Island. The elevation used was first 8 1/2 and the last shot was fired with 10 1/2 elevation. Three shells were thrown, of which only the first burst.

At 5 p.m. two shots were fired from the 24-pounder smooth-bore at Marsh Battery No. 1, both good-one to the right and the other to the left. The elevation used was 8.

The following dispatches, sent by the enemy, were intercepted by the signal corps:

Captain M-:

The Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment and Ninety-seventh Pennsylvania are ordered to Saint Augustine and Fernandina. When will transportation be furnished?




Transportation is ready at any moment. How many men?


Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment, 750 men; Pennsylvania Regiment, 660. It will take a large steamer for each.



Colonel Gorgas telegraphed the commanding general to-day asking that further experiments with the large Blakely shall be placed in his hands. Colonel Gorgas' request was accordingly complied with.

Page 137 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.