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143 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 143 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.

The following is the report of the scouting party sent by Colonel Simonton:

The enemy have been busy repairing the causeway and connecting Horse Island and Long and Battery Islands. They have rebuilt the bridge across Green Creek, and have put up a stockade on Long Island, commanding it. The entire strength of the working party and pickets on Green Creek Bridge is 20 men, and 7 men on picket on Horse Island. The bridge between Horse and Battery Islands is not repaired, nor is the bridge between Dixon's and Long Islands, excepting about two planks wide. Large number of tents on Cole's Island and on the lower end of Folly Island, and apparently a large force on Kiawah Island.

The following Yankee dispatch was intercepted to-day:

General T-:

All the heavy guns are mounted at Gregg. All the guns are in position at Oyster Point. Has the general returned?



October 10, 1863.-The Federal fleet off the harbor remains unchanged.

Work is going on as usual on Morris Island. The enemy were observed to-day moving five gun carriages up the beach toward Wagner. The Parrott gun mounted at Battery Gregg remains with the breech toward Sumter.

While the post boat was o its way last night from Fort Johnson to Sumter, they intercepted a small boat containing two of the enemy, and captured them without resistance. No information of importance was elicited in the examination of these prisoners.

Battery Simkins and some of the Sullivan's Island batteries fired slowly on the enemy to-day. In the afternoon the enemy replied from a rifled battery beyond Graham's house, and from a mortar battery near the same place, directing their shots, as usual, against Fort Johnson. All of the mortar shell fell short; but the range of the rifled pieces was perfect, nearly every shell bursting in or over our works. There were, however, no casualties.

Only 43 shots were fired to-day from Simkins and none from Cheves.

The bomb-proof at Battery Haskell is progressing, and the foundation of that at Battery Ryan is completed.

Dispatches from the Stono state that the enemy have a picket on Horse Island at the foot of the bridge leading from that island to Battery Island. Thirty or forty men are at work on the point of Cole's Island.

A few unimportant signal messages sent by the enemy were to-day intercepted by our signal corps.

October 11, 1863.-There are thirty-five vessels inside the bar to-day, including the Ironsides, four monitors, three gunboats, three mortar-boats, two nondescript affairs, &c.

The enemy, as usual, continue working on Morris Island.

Moultrie, Marion, and Simkins fired to-day on Gregg and Wagner. Cheves was silent, as the command were working on the bomb-proof of that battery. One hundred and six shots were thrown by Simkins, but with what effect is unknown.

In the afternoon the enemy fired a few shots from their mortar battery. Some of the shells fell near Battery Simkins, but caused no damage.

Four floating torpedoes were set adrift from Sumter last night, and at the proper time a heavy explosion was heard in the direction of the fleet. The result, however, was not apparent this morning.

Page 143 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.