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145 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 145 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.

General G-:

Will finish mounting guns at Wagner to-morrow night. Captain B-will have ready to-morrow night the five scows. Can- two a day.



October 15, 1863.-Raining again this morning, and too hazy to get report of the fleet.

To-day was exceedingly quiet, and the enemy did not fire a single shot, although Batteries Simkins and Cheves were in slow action, the former firing 33 rounds and the latter 10 rounds.

The mortar platform No. 2 at Battery Haskell was completed to-day, and the work on the bomb-proof is being pushed forward.

An unfortunate accident occurred this morning with the submarine boat, by which Captain F. L. Hunley and 7 men lost their lives, in an attempt to run under the navy receiving ship. The boat left the wharf at 9.25 a.m. and disappeared at 9.35. As soon as she sunk, air bubles were seen to rise to the surface of the water, and from this fact it is supposed the hole in the top of the boat by which the men entered was not properly closed. It was impossible at the time to make any effort to rescue the unfortunate men, as the water was some 9 fathoms deep.

October 16, 1863.-Still raining and foggy. The report of the fleet from Sumter is that the Ironsides, four monitors, and twenty-two other vessels are inside the bar, and seven blockading vessels outside.

Only 20 shots were fired to-day from Simkins and 12 from Haskell. The enemy did not reply.

The bridges of Generals Colquitt and Hagood, on James Island, were reviewed to-day by the commanding general, and they presented a very creditable appearance.

October 17, 1863.-There is no change in the fleet this morning, excepting that the fourth monitor cannot be seen. She is, however, probably masked by some of the other vessels.

A lot of coal and iron was shipped last night from Sumter to the city and to Sullivan's Island.

The improvement of the earthworks on Morris Island is steady and the enemy continue silent. Not a shot was fired by them to-day. Twenty-nine rounds were fired from Simkins and 4 from Cheves.

Colonel F. H. Gantt last night relieved Colonel Olmstead in command at Fort Johnson.

The platform for Howitzer No. 1 was laid to-day at Battery Ryan, and the engineer department are engaged in laying a platform for Mortar No. 1 at Haskell.

October 18, 1863.-The Federal fleet off the harbor is apparently unchanged. The fourth monitor is still missing, and it is thought she may be behind some other vessel.

The progress of the enemy on the work next the Half-Moon Battery is rapid. The disposition of their batteries at present would appear to indicate operations against Sullivan's Island.

Companies I and K, Eleventh South Carolina Volunteers, at Fort Sumter, were relieved last night by the Twelfth Georgia Battalion, Major [G. M.] Hanvey, 218 men. Another lot of coal was sent off last night from the fort, and the remainder will be shipped Monday.

The enemy were again silent to-day, and only occasional shots were fired from Sullivan's Island, Simkins, and Cheves.


Page 145 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.