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147 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 147 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.

Yankee dispatches intercepted as follows:

DR. W-:

By reason of the short notice, the wounded and sick cannot all be sent off this noon. Shall I load the Morse again, and send her to the Cosmopolitan?

DR. G-.

DR. G-:

Send to-morrow those you cannot get off by moon to-day to the Cosmopolitan at Pawnee Landing.

DR. W-.

October 21, 1863.-Thirty-one vessels of the usual character are inside the bar this morning, and seven vessels outside, including a French sloop of war.

The enemy did not fire a shot to-day in response to the fire of our Sullivan's Island batteries and Batteries Simkins and Cheves, which directed their attention to Gregg and Wagner and the working parties constructing batteries those works. The result of our practice is not certainly known, but it is believed to be usually effective.

Last night, at 11 o'clock, the commanding officer at Fort Johnson observed some of the enemy's barges inside of Gregg, and he fired three stand of grape at them, which caused the enemy to retire. It is supposed their object was either to cut the telegraph cable to Sumter or to attach a wire.* In either event, their object was frustrated.

General Hagood telegraphs that two transports with troops, and bands playing, went down Folly River toward Cole's Island. He could not, however, see whether or not they went to sea.

Orders were issued to-day for the rearrangement, as follows, of the batteries along the eastern margin of James Island from Secessionville to Fort Johnson, and also of the harbor batteries on the same island:

Redoubt No. 1, one 8-inch shell gun, one 32-pounder smooth-bore, one 30-pounder Parrott.

Secessionville [rear], one 24-pounder rifle, two 32-pounder smooth-bores [to be mounted on a barbette carriage], one 30-pounder Parrott [whenever received from Macon].

Battery Ryan [right], two 12-pounder James, reamed to 18-pounders or 24-pounder howitzers [one to be taken from Battery Tatom and the other from Battery Haskell], two 24-pounder Austrian howitzers.

Battery Ryan [left], two 24-pounders to be taken from Redoubt No. 1 and the other from those on old lines not already otherwise assigned.

Battery Tatom, two 8-inch siege howitzers, two 4,62-inch rifled guns [one to be taken from Battery Haskell, the other to be put in position whenever received], two shell guns [to be designated by the chief of artillery].

Battery Haskell, one 4-inch Blakely, one 8-inch seacoast howitzer, one 20-pounder Parrott, one 24-pounder, rifled and banded, one 24-pounder smooth-bore, two 10-inch seacoast howitzers, one 8-inch columbiad [to be taken from Battery Cheves and to be used only as a shell gun], two 42-pounder carronades, already ordered, which will be placed in position as soon as available.

Battery Cheves, two 8-inch columbiads, to be used only as shell guns.


*Major Blanding's report.


Page 147 Chapter XL. GENERAL REPORTS.