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151 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 151 Chapter XI. GENERAL REPORTS.

General Hagood telegraphs that he was at Fort Johnson this morning when the enemy opened from Cumming's Point on the city (about 11.10 a.m.). The gun was mounted en barbette, and was loaded while lying parallel with the parapet. It was then slowly elevated to an angle of about 45, and fired; in which position, being very conspicuous, he directed the Brooke gun at Shell Mound to fire at it. After a few discharges, which appeared to excite the enemy very much, they returned the fire, and succeeded in exploding the magazine, as above stated. It is thought only three shells were thrown in the direction of the city, and, of these, two fell short.

The fire from our batteries to-day was very slack, and the enemy did not appear to pay much attention to it.

The Federal fleet at Port Royal to-day is one steam frigate, two sloops of war, flour gunboats, and sixty-four transports.

The following are copies of Yankee messages intercepted:


A 100-pounder Parrott has just burst at Gregg: 1 man wounded. Three Greekfire shells have been thrown into the city. All the guns are being turned on the city.

* * * * *

October 28, 1863.-During the past night the enemy have been busily engaged at Battery Cumming, east of Gregg, have somewhat enlarged the work, and have thrown up two traverses for protection against the fire of our James Island batteries.

The bombardment of our works to-day was a repetition of yesterday's fire. A few shots were fired by the enemy at Battery Simkins; and an occasional one at the Brooke gun (Fort Johnson), but no damage whatever was inflicted at either of these two posts.

Our fire from Battery Simkins was confined to 18 shells thrown from two mortars; 30 shells were also thrown from the Brooke gun. The effect of the mortar shells was very unsatisfactory, while the fire of the Brooke gun was annoying to the enemy. Some of our Sullivan's Island batteries also participated to a limited extent in the engagement, but the result of their fire does not appear.

The magazine at the Brooke Gun Battery, which was exploded yesterday, was thoroughly repaired last night.

Six hundred and seventy-nine shots were fired by the enemy against Sumter, 88 of which missed. A breach was made in the sea face, knocking down two arches, and the top of the gorge wall was cut very thin.

Copy of Yankee intercepted dispatch:

Orders Colonel


Hawley's brigade to report on Folly Island to General S----.



October 29, 1863-The enemy from Gregg, Wagner, and the intermediate battery, assisted by one or more monitors, continue the attack with vigor upon Forts Sumter and Johnson. The fire, however, upon the latter work was not so heavy as during the preceding twenty-four hours, and their attention, as heretofore, was given principally to Fort Sumter, against which 779 shots were fired, 80 of which missed. The top row of arches on the sea face was cut down, and it is reported that the whole of that face and also the gorge is now perfectly accessible from the outside. Only 1 man was killed at Fort Sumter, while at Fort Johnson there were no casualties.

Battery Simkins and Fort Johnson replied slowly to the enemy, the former battery firing 16 8-inch columbiad shell and the latter 26

Page 151 Chapter XI. GENERAL REPORTS.