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157 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 157 Chapter XI. GENERAL REPORTS.

The enemy's fire was replied to by a few mortar shells from Sullivan's Island and 11 shells from Battery Simkins.

The shots from the monitors were directed upon the east angle and upon the scarp of the northeast face, which was somewhat injured. One of the monitor shells again found its way to the eastern entrance of the main bomb-proof, exploded, killed 2, and wounded several men.

During the bombardment to-day, the flag-staff was once more shot away, but was quickly replaced by Sergt. N. D. Currie, Company D, and Corpl. S. Montgomery, Company C, Twenty-fifth South Carolina Volunteers.

Two privates killed, 10 slightly and 2 seriously wounded, all of the Twenty-seventh Georgia, were the casualties to-day in Sumter.

One hundred and fifty-three rifle, 193 mortar shells, and 80 shots from the monitors were fired at the fort to-day. Of these, 31 rifle and 34 mortar shells and 14 shots from the monitors did not strike.

Last night, Captain [William H.] Rentfro, with 1 lieutenant and 24 men from the Twenty-seventh Georgia; Lieutenant [W. P.] Matthews, Sixth Georgia, with 34 men and Lieutenant [George W.] Smith, of the Twenty-eighth Georgia, with 33 men, relieved detachments of 40 and 20 men and 3 officers from the Twenty-seventh, Sixth, and Twenty-eighth Georgia Regiments, respectively, whose tour of duty had expired.

[Captain Webb assigned to command of Battery Haskell and Captain Smith assigned to command of Batteries Ryan and Tatom.*]

An enemy's steamer to-day appeared in the creek between Black and Long Islands, distant about 2 1/2 miles from Redoubt Numbers 1, when 3 shots were fired at her from that work with 1 30-pounder Parrott, with the following result:

First shot, 3 1/2 pounds powder, 14 elevation, 17-second fuse (Selma); burst very high after eight or ten seconds' flight.

Second shot, 3 1/2 pounds powder, 15 elevation, 18-second fuse (Selma); did not burst; fell short one-third to one-half mile; good line shot.

Third shot, 3 1/2 pounds, powder, 17 elevation, 20-second fuse (Selma) did not burst; fell, say, quarter mile short.

During the past two days the enemy have been observed in small boats in Schooner Creek, engaged, as was thought, in sounding and staking the channel, but it is now ascertained that they have completed a line of obstructions across the creek at the point of Dixon's Island. These obstructions are composed of branches of trees, logs, and one or more cables, and are probably intended to prevent any approaches on our part to Dixon's or to Folly Island in this direction.#

November 7, 1863.-The enemy have inside the bar this morning the Ironsides, four monitors, flag-ship, two mortar-boats, twenty transports, &c. Outsisde the bar there are six vessels.

The enemy last night continued a fire from light rifled pieces, throwing at Fort Sumter 68 shells, 29 of which either failed to explode or exploded after passing over.

To-day the usual bombardment of Fort Sumter was resumed by the enemy's land batteries, with, however, still further abatement, the monitors taking no part in the action. Seventy-one rifle shots


*Manigault's report.

#So reported by Colonel C. H. Simonton, commanding advance lines, James Island.


Page 157 Chapter XI. GENERAL REPORTS.