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209 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I


signal is given, they will spring out on the beach, move forward at the double-quick, pass between Wagner and the sea, and extend themselves along the rear face of the fort to the march. They will then mount the parapet, and fire down upon the parade.

Colonel W. w. H. Davis' brigade will occupy the trenches in the rear of Stevenson's brigade, and at the same signal will, with all possible dispatch, form upon the beach, left in front, and follows Stevenson's brigade.

Having passed the fort, it will form across the island, facing toward Battery Gregg, so as to prevent any aid being sent from that quarter to Wagner. Skirmishers will be thrown out toward Gregg as far as possible.

The force thus thrown upon the flank and rear should close upon the garrison of Wagner, drive them to their bomb-proofs, and make them prisoners.

The above-mentioned troops will move to the places assigned to them at half past 1 a. m. They will have their breakfast in their haversacks.

In order that they may do so, the guard of the trench (the Second Brigade) will be withdrawn to the rear of the second parallel, and as much farther as may be necessary. As soon as the assaulting column moves upon the work, the Second Brigade will move up through the approaches to the extreme front, prepared to re-enforce the assault.

The whole detail of sharpshooters will be sent to the front before daylight; a portion of them will be placed in the rifle-pits in front of the fifth parallel, the remainder in such a position in the zigzags in front of the fifth parallel as will enable them to fire into the embrasures in the flank of the fort which covers the salient next to the sea. They must keep up a constant and rapid fire on the parapet of the work and the embrasures.

When the work is carried, it will be garrisoned by General Stevenson's command.

Davis' brigade will remain in position beyond the fort, and his men will cover themselves as much as possible, but keeping skirmishers out.

All the remaining troops in the command will be relieve from fatigue duty at midnight, and will be placed under arms at half past 3 o'clock.

Montgomery's brigade will move up and occupy the trench south of the Beacon House before light.

These troops and all others must be kept carefully concealed from view, and perfectly quiet.

No man will be permitted to leave the ranks during the assault, to assist the wounded or for any purpose whatever. The wounded can be taken care of when the affair shall be over. All commanding officers will caution their men upon this point.

All prisoners who may be taken will be kept in the front until orders shall be given for their removal.

The signal for the movement will be the raising of a signal flag on the surf battery and on the right of the fifth parallel, and the American ensign on the Beacon House.

By order of Brigadier-General Terry:


Captain, and Assistant Adjutant-General.