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755 Series I Volume XXVIII-I Serial 46 - Ft. Sumter - Ft. Wagner Part I

Page 755 APPENDIX.

Report of Brigadier General Alfred H. Terry, U. S. Army, of engagement near Grimball's Landing, James Island, S. C., July 16, 1863.

MAJOR: This morning at about 4 o'clock, the enemy made an attack upon the forces under my command and upon the vessels of war int eh Stono River. They first brought down into the woods near Grimball's what I suppose to have been two field batteries, and opened fire upon the Pawnee. Immediately thereafter they advanced four regiments of infantry, accompanied by artillery, upon the right of my line, drove in the outposts and supports,a nd commenced a severe fire from their guns. At the same time, a strong boyd of infantry and cavalry, with a battery, drove in our outposts on the left beyond the causeway leading to Grimball's, and attempted to debouch in front of my lief.t My troops were speedily under arms, and as soon as the pickets were in, I opened on the enemy from Rockwell's battery and the armed transports Mayflower and John Adams

The naval vessels also opened a most effective fire upon my left. The enemy, unable to endure the concentric fire to which they were exposed, fell back, and retreated. I have now re-established my outposts on the old ground. I learn form prisoners now in my hands that the attacking force on my right consisted of the Sixth, Nineteenth, North Carolina a nd perhaps South Carolina troops. I have as yet no detailed report of casualties, but I think our loss is about 50 killed and wounded.

I desire to express my obligations ot Captain Balch, U. S. Navy, commanding the naval forces in the river, for the very great assistance he rendered to me, and to report ot the commanding general the good services of Captain Rockwell and his battery, and the steadiness and soldierly conduct of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment, who were on duty at the outposts on the right, and met the brunt of the attack.

I am, major, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Division.

Major E. W. SMITH,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Department of the South.


*See Gillmore's reference ot this report, p. 201; and other reports of the engagement, p. 581.


Page 755 APPENDIX.