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58 Series I Volume XXVII-III Serial 45 - Gettysburg Campaign Part III

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June 11, 1863-11 a. m.

Brigadier-General BARNES:

SIR: I have the honor to make the following report: All quiet along our lines. Artillery firing was heard in the distance to our right this morning, which died away as if receding toward Brandy Station. Those who were here the day we were say the firing this morning sounded more distinct than it did on that day. A deserter from the Fourth North Carolina Cavalry, who was on picket at Kelly's Ford, came in this morning. He fell into the hands of the cavalry, who are now on duty from Kelly's Ford, on our right, to Rappahannock Station. Captain [John H.] Cryer, of the Sixth Ohio Regiment, commands the force on duty; they are in Colonel Duffie's command, and the deserter was sent to him from Captain Cryer. I have the following report of information received by him from the deserter: The Fourth North Carolina Cavalry is on duty on the other side, at Kelly's. There are two pieces of artillery commanding the ford, in the woods below the ford. General Lee's headquarters are at Culpeper, and most of his army is there. Stuart has 20, 000 cavalry. General [W. E.] Jones, from the Valley, has joined him. Think he intends to cross the river higher up. Have had several reviews lately; one on Friday last. A cavalryman, who says his name is Samuel Lay, and who represents himself as belonging to Company B, Tenth New York Cavalry, has just been brought in. He came across the river this morning, and says he was taken prisoner near Brandy Station, and escaped last night. He can give you some information as to the forces between here and there. I send him to you, and I have not detained this report to reduce to writing what he has to say.


Colonel, Commanding Second Brigade.


June 11, 1863-11. 30 a. m.

Major-General HOOKER,

Commanding Army of the Potomac:

Have just reviewed my cavalry. They are in fine spirits and good condition for another fight. Shall send the strength of the command to you by an aide-de-camp.




June 11, 1863.

Brigadier-General WARD,

Commanding First Division:

GENERAL: The general commanding directs that you hold your command in readiness to move precisely at 1 p. m. this day. Every vehicle of every kind and description, in excess of the allowance in orders, to be turned in to the quartermaster's department without delay. Nothing but the prescribed allowance of wagons and ambulances will be permitted to march with the column.

Page 58 (Untitled)