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60 Series I Volume XXVII-III Serial 45 - Gettysburg Campaign Part III

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of the number of other troops which may remain in that vicinity, I am under the necessity of asking about how large a force will be necessary to accompany and guard these pontoons at Belle Plain. I would also call attention to the situation of the Fifteenth Regiment, to ask if this order is to apply to them, at least to the portions whose terms expire on the 17th instant (over five-eighths of that command), the transportation for which has been already asked for from the chief quartermaster, to take them away from this camp on the 14th or 15th instant. As the instructions must be carried into effect to-day, I forward this letter at once to you. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,




June 11, 1863.

Commanding Officer Third Corps:

Inclosed you will please find map* of the locality near where your command is to move. The major-general commanding directs that you post troops on the several fords between the points already indicated to you in orders; that, by the use of rifle-pits and abattis, you will enable a few men to render them impassable by the enemy. You will relieve any force you may find there, and direct them to report to General Pleasonton. Post your reserve at Bealeton, at which point you receive your supplies. A staff officer will make an examination of the river, and give you the result of his observations at Bealeton. You will hold your command also ready to send assistance whenever and wherever, in your judgment,, it may be needed General Pleasonton will be operating on your right with his corps. General Meade is on your left, between this point and Kelly's Ford. You will establish communication with Generals Pleasonton and Meade. Telegraphic communication is now established between Warrenton Junction and these headquarters, via Alexandria. It is expected by to-morrow evening to have the telegraph line between these headquarters and General Barnes' continued to Bealeton.

Very respectfully, &c.,


Major-General, Chief of Staff.

(Copies furnished commanding officers of the First, Fifth, and Cavalry Corps.)


June 11, 1863-1. 30 p. m.

Major-General BUTTERFIELD,

Chief of Staff, Army of the Potomac:

Dispatch of this date received. I find no dispatch of yours answering to your request. The enemy's force of infantry is strong; at least Longstreet's and


*Not found


Page 60 (Untitled)