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16 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 16 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.


Third Brigade.


22nd Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Francis Swanwick.

27th Illinois, Colonel Jonathan R. Miles.

42nd Illinois:

Colonel Nathan H. Walworth.*

Captain Edgar D. Swain.

51st Illinois:

Major Charles W. Davis.

Captain Albert M. Tilton.

79th Illinois, Colonel Allen Buckner.

3rd Kentucky, Colonel Henry C. Dunlap.

64th Ohio, Colonel Alexander McIlvain.

65th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel William A. Bullitt.

125th Ohio:

Colonel Emerson Opdycke.*

Captain Edward P. Bates.



1st Illinois Light, Battery M, Captain George W. Spencer.

10th Indiana Battery, Captain William A. Naylor.

1st Missouri Light, Battery G, Lieutenant Gustavus Schueler.

1st Ohio Light, Battery I, Captain Hubert Dilger.

4th United States, Battery F, #Lieutenant Christopher F. Merkle.

5th United States, Battery H,#Captain Francis L. Guenther.


Brigadier General THOMAS J. WOOD.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General AUGUST WILLICH.

25th Illinois, Colonel Richard H. Nodine.

35th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel William P. Chandler.

89th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel William D. Williams.

32nd Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Erdelmeyer.

68th Indiana:

Lieutenant Colonel Harvey J. Espy.

Captain Richard L. Leeson.

8th Kansas, Colonel John A. Martin.

15th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Askew.

49th Ohio, Major Samuel F. Gray.

15th Wisconsin, Captain John A. Gordon.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM B. HAZEN.

6th Indiana, Major Calvin D. Campbell.

5th Kentucky:

Colonel William W. Berry.

Lieutenant Colonel John L. Treanor.

6th Kentucky, Major Richard T. Whitaker.

23rd Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel James C. Foy.

1st Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel Bassett Langdon.

Major Joab A. Stafford.

6th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander C. Christopher.

41st Ohio:

Colonel Aquila Wiley.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Kimberly.

93rd Ohio:

Major William Birch.

Captain Daniel Bowman.

Captain Samuel B. Smith.

124th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel James Pickands.


*Temporarily in command of a demi-brigade.

#Temporarily attached.


Page 16 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.