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584 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 584 Chapter XLIII. KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA.

move. The enemy occupied Lookout Mountain and the country beyond. We hold the river and country beyond, including Chattanooga and the road up to where the river impinges against Lookout Ridge.

The Fifteenth Corps is destined for Chattanooga for offense, but an object is gained by threatening Trenton, as though this corps meditated to attack the enemy on Lookout by ascending at Trenton. But as soon as the other divisions have passed Whiteside's, I will send your order quietly to retire and follow the other divisions of the corps. Your train will be sent to Whiteside's, where you can pick it up. I expect to send you such an order as soon as the corps has passed Wauhatchie.

In the meantime, act as though you were the head of a strong column, waiting for the rear to close up. by this device the enemy will strengthen that flank and weaken the other, of which we propose to take advantage. Do what you can to accomplish this end, using the head of your column, but leaving the rear at the head of the mountain, by which you descend to Trenton, and make plenty of fires on the mountain, as though a heavy force were collecting behind you. Be ready to reverse your column to move, via Whiteside's and Wauhatchie, to Chattanooga.

At Brown's Ferry there is a good pontoon bridge, where I will meet you and explain everything.*

Logan is appointed to the command of the Fifteenth Corps, and Plair will go to Washington. You will command that division. W. S. Smith is chief of cavalry at Nashville.



Major-General, Commanding.

Trenton, Ga., November 19, 1863-11 a. m.

Major-General SHERMAN,

Commanding Department and Army:

GENERAL: Your dispatch of yesterday is received. Loomis built extensive fires on the edge of the mountain last night, which showed well. Corse camped above town, looking up the valley, and Cockerill below, looking down. I communicated with General Hooker, my messengers returning this morning. I gathered in considerable corn and straw, and ground 10,000 rations of flour. One good road enters the valley from Lookout Mountain, 13 miles above, called Johnson's Crook Gap, but on our maps Deerhead Cove, running through Stevens' Gap on the other side to Cassandra and La Fayette. This is the route on which to make an earnest demonstration. I have sent Corse to take position at the mouth of this gap, fronting up stream and covering his communication, to send one regiment to the top of Lookout, to show its head and send out pickets, build fires, and demonstrate generally, but with caution; a second regiment to camp half way up.

I have ordered Loomis to descend the Raccoon Mountain this afternoon at Wimm's Gap, which enters this valley 2 miles above town, and to stretch out toward Johnson's Crook, camping, with show in fires, &c., 4 or 5 miles above here. Also to build fires at his camp of last


*Some strictly personal matter omitted.


Page 584 Chapter XLIII. KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA.