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628 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 628 KY.,SW. VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.

to the attack in line with the Ninth Iowa on our left. The enemy was posted on the top of Mission Ridge, behind temporary breastworks, and our line advanced to the attack from a ridge lying parallel to Mission Ridge on the east, and separated from it by a deep ravine. Our line charged down the hill, through the ravine, and up the side of Mission Ridge upon the enemy, who kept up a steady fire until our line was within a few rods of him, when he gave way and retreated in disorder along the top of the ridge to the north. Our men followed closely and kept up their fire till the enemy, surrounded on all sides by the advancing Union forces, was compelled to surrender.

About 10 a. m. of the 27th instant the regiment entered the town of Ringgold with the brigade. The enemy was firing as we entered the town, and, in obedience to orders, this regiment took a position behind the embankment of the railroad on the north of the depot and fronting the mountain from which the enemy was firing. Soon after, in obedience to orders direct from General Osterhaus, the regiment moved up and took a position near the foot of the mountain to the right of the brigade, and opened fire, which it continued till about 1 p. m., when, in obedience to further orders from General Osterhaus, it moved in line of battle directly up the face of the mountain, reaching the top as the balance of the brigade followed the enemy down the opposite side of the mountain.

I have to say for the regiment which I had the honor to command in these several engagements, that both men and officers who were present behaved with great gallantry, and fully sustained the proud reputation which the Iowa soldiers have won upon so many battle-fields.

Appended is a list* of the casualties of the regiment during the three battles.

Yours, &c.,


Lieutenant-Colonel, Comdg. Thirty-first Iowa Infty. Volunteers

Lieutenant SHIELDS,

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

Numbers 202.

Itinerary of the First Brigade, Second Division, Colonel Nathan W. Tupper commanding, November 1-30.+

November 1, the First Brigade, Second Division, Fifteenth Army Corps, marched from Eastport, on the Tennessee River.

November 20, arrived in Chattanooga.

November 21, crossed the Tennessee River near Chattanooga.

November 23, the First Brigade embarked in 160 pontoon-boats, by special instruction from Major General W. T. Sherman, to float down Little Chickamauga and cross over to Big Chickamauga; capture all the rebel pickets; gain a position on the east end of Missionary Ridge, and hold it at all hazards. The brigade did its duty.

November 26 to 30, the First Brigade was in chase of the rebel forces.


*Embodied in revised statement, p. 86.

+From return for November.


Page 628 KY.,SW. VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.