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658 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 658 KY.,SW. VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.

Artillery Battalion.


Georgia Battery, Captain Tyler M. Peeples.

Georgia Battery, Captain Andrew M. Wolihin.

Georgia Battery, Captain Billington W. York.


Jenkins' Brigade.

1st South Carolina, Colonel Franklin W. Kilpatrick.

2nd South Carolina Rifles, Colonel Thomas Thompson.

5th South Carolina, Colonel A. Coward.

6th South Carolina, Colonel John Bratton.

Hampton (South Carolina) Legion, Colonel Martin W. Gary.

Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters, Colonel Joseph Walker.

Robertson's Brigade.

3rd Arkansas, Colonel Van H. Manning.

1st Texas, Colonel A. T. Rainey.

4th Texas, Colonel J. C. G. Key.

5th Texas, Colonel R. M. Powell.

Law's Brigade.

4th Alabama, Colonel Pinckney D. Bowles.

15th Alabama, Colonel William C. Oates.

44th Alabama, Colonel William F. Perry.

47th Alabama, Colonel Michael J. Bulger.

48th Alabama, Colonel James L. Sheffield.

Anderson's Brigade.

7th Georgia, Colonel W. W. White.

8th Georgia, Colonel John R. Towers.

9th Georgia, Colonel Benjamin Beck.

11th Georgia, Colonel F. H. Little.

59th Georgia, Colonel Jack Brown.

Benning's Brigade.

2nd Georgia, Colonel Edgar M. Butt.

15th Georgia, Colonel Dudley M. Du Bose.

17th Georgia, Colonel Wesley C. Hodges.

20th Georgia, Colonel J. D. Waddell.

Artillery Battalion.


South Carolina Battery, Captain William W. Fickling.

Virginia Battery, Captain Tyler C. Jordan.

Louisiana Battery, Captain George W. Moody.

Virginia Battery, Captain William W. Parker.

Virginia Battery, Captain Osmond B. Taylor.

Virginia Battery, Captain Pichegru Woolfolk, jr.



Jackson's Brigade.

1st Georgia (Confederate), Major James C. Gordon.

5th Georgia, Colonel Charles P. Daniel.

47th Georgia,* Captain J. J. Harper.

65th Georgia,* Lieutenant Colonel Jacob W. Pearcy.

2nd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Lieutenant Colonel Richard H. Whiteley.

5th Mississippi, Major John B. Herring.

8th Mississippi, Major John F. Smith.

Moore's Brigade.

37th Alabama, Colonel James F. Dowdell.

40th Alabama, Colonel John H. Higley.

42nd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas C. Lanier.

Walthall's Brigade.

24th and 27th Mississippi, Colonel William F. Dowd.

29th and 30th Mississippi, Captain W. G. Reynolds.

34th Mississippi, Colonel Samuel Benton.

Wright's Brigade.

8th Tennessee, Colonel John H. Anderson.

16th Tennessee, Colonel D. M. Donnell.

28th Tennessee, Colonel Sidney S. Stanton.

38th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew D. Gwynne.

51st and 52nd Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel John G. Hall.

Murray's (Tennessee) Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew D. Gwynne.


*Assigned November 12, 1863.


Page 658 KY.,SW. VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.