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662 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 662 KY.,SW. VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.

Artillery Battalion.

Captain C. H. SLOCOMB.

Kentucky Battery (Cobb's), Lieutenant Frank P. Gracey.

Tennessee Battery, Captain John W. Mebane.

Louisiana Battery (Slocomb's), Lieutenant W. C. D. Vaught.


Brown's Brigade.*

3rd Tennessee,+ Colonel Calvin H. Walker.

18th and 26th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel William R. Butler.

32nd Tennessee, Captain Thomas D. Deavenport.

45th Tennessee and 23rd Tennessee Battalion, Colonel Anderson Searcy.

Cumming's Brigade.++

34th Georgia, Colonel J. A. W. Johnson.

36th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander M. Wallace.

39th Georgia, Colonel J. T. McConnell.

56th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel J. T. Slaughter.

Pettus's Brigade.#

20th Alabama, Captain John W. Davis.

23rd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel J. B. Bibb.

30th Alabama, Colonel Charles M. Shelley.

31st Alabama, Colonel D. R. Hundley.

46th Alabama, Captain George E. Brewer.

Vaughn's Brigade.##

3rd Tennessee (Provisional Army).

39th Tennessee.

43rd Tennessee.

59th Tennessee.

Artillery Battalion.###


Tennessee Battery, Captain Edmund D. Baxter,

Tennessee Battery, Captain William W. Carnes.

Georgia Battery, Captain Max Van Den Corput.

Georgia Battery, Captain John B. Rowan.




Major General JOHN A. WHARTON.

First Brigade.


3rd Arkansas, Lieutenant Colonel M. J. Henderson.

65th North Carolina (6th Cavalry), Colonel George N. Folk.

8th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Gustave Cook.

11th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Bounds.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General HENRY B. DAVIDSON.

1st Tennessee, Colonel James E. Carter.

2nd Tennessee, Colonel Henry M. Ashby.

4th Tennessee, Colonel William S. McLemore.

6th Tennessee, Colonel James T. Wheeler.

11th Tennessee, Colonel Daniel W. Holman.


*Transferred from Stewart's division November 12, 1863.

+In Gregg's brigade October 31, 1863.

++Regimental commanders, not reported in original, are supplied from Stevenson's roster.

#Reassigned to division November 12, 1863.

##Note on original: "Exchanged prisoners; but few reported."

###According to Stevenson's return, his artillery battalion consisted at this date of Carnes', Corput's, and Rowan's batteries, and the 20th Alabama Battalion, viz: Company A, Captain Winslow D. Emery; Company B, Captain Richard H. Bellamy, and Company C, Captain T. J. Key.

**The First Brigade of Wharton's division, Martin's division, Armstrong's division (the 5th Tennessee excepted), and all the artillery (except Huwald's battery) detached under Wheeler's command.


Page 662 KY.,SW. VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLIII.