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711 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II


between the ford and bridge, placing the brigade in position in accordance with the topography of the grounds, and I remained in this position until the troops were all across, dispatching a force on the opposite side of the creek to watch the movements of the enemy; also, a small squad of cavalry which was with my command, to scour the battle-field and pick up all stragglers, it being reported to me that there was no movement of the enemy. I remained at the bridge until about 12 o'clock at night, the scouts bringing in stragglers all the while. The report was then made to me that everything was across. I ordered the destruction of the bridge, which had to be accomplished by cutting it down. The timbers being very heavy and green, it could not be burned. After two hours' hard labor I had the satisfaction of seeing the bridge fully destroyed. About the time I had completed its destruction I received an order from the commanding general that if I had not already destroyed the bridge to do so immediately, and move my brigade to Chickamauga Station and join my division, which order was promptly obeyed, joining my division at Chickamauga Station 3 o'clock in the morning, and proceeded with my division to this place.

I cannot close this report without returning my thanks to the different regimental commanders and their command for the prompt and soldierly manner with all orders were obeyed, although very much fatigued and worn down by continued duty both night and day for fifty-six hours, and a large number of them being without shoes, yet they evinced a spirit of true patriots worthy of the noble cause in which they are engaged.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

Yours, very respectfully,


Colonel, Commanding Wright's Brigade.

Captain T. F. HENRY,

Assistant Adjutant-General.


March 28, 1864.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by the Eighth Regiment Tennessee Volunteers in the action in and around Missionary Ridge November 24, 1863:

My command, together with the brigade, was on detached duty at Charleston, E. Tennessee

Orders were received on the evening of the 23rd to move the command immediately to Chickamauga Station, which order was promptly obeyed, and my regiment arrived at the railroad bridge across Chickamauga Creek about 10 o'clock the morning of the 24th, leaving all of our transportation and baggage at Charleston to be brought through overland. In a few minutes after our arrival at the bridge I was ordered by Brigadier-General Wright to place my command on an eminence near the bridge, to cover an protect it from the rear. I had just formed my command in accordance with the orders when I received another order to form to form my command and move down the Chickamauga Creek to arrest a movement then being made by the enemy at the mouth of the creek, the intention of which was supposed to be to get possession of the bridges in our rear, and thereby cut off our communication from our rear. The regiment moved promptly down with the balance of the brigade by the right flank