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764 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 764 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.


Numbers 254.

Report of Lieutenant Colonel E. Warfield, Second Arkansas Infantry, commanding Second, Fifteenth, and Twenty-fourth Arkansas Infantry.

TUNNEL HILL, December 2, 1863.

SIR: Report of the battle of Ringgold, November 27.

The brigade being formed by columns of regiments, right in front. My regiment became the rear, and was used principally as a reserve, four companies of the Second (Companies I, G, F, and A, Lieutenant McKenney, Company I, senior officer, in charge) being the only portion engaged. By General Cleburne's order, they took position on the left center of the line near Chickamauga Creek. They were in an excellent position, inflicting severe loss upon the enemy and suffering but little themselves. They formed the rear line of skirmishers in the retreat.

Meanwhile, the regiment was exposed to a heavy fire of shell without being able to participate in the engagement. My regiment having participated so slightly in the engagement, I deem that further remark would be superfluous.

Respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant Colonel, Comdg. 2nd, 15th, and 24th Arkansas Regiments.

Lieutenant W. S. SAWRIE,

Acting Assistant adjutant-General.

Numbers 255.

Reports of Colonel John E. Murray, Fifth Arkansas Infantry, commanding Fifth and Thirteenth Arkansas Infantry.


December 2, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor to report that on the morning of November 27, just after my command had passed through the village of Ringgold, GA., on the march from Missionary Ridge, Tennessee, to Tunnel Hill, Ga., my command was halted, by order of Major-General Cleburne, and filed to the left and marched perpendicularly to the road for a short distance, then filed to the right and formed on the right by file into line, facing the road from Ringgold to Tunnel Hill, Ga. I then changed front forward on my first company, which threw my regiment facing toward Ringgold, my left resting on the Ringgold and Tunnel Hill road any my right resting on the side of a high hill, which was on the right of the road facing toward Ringgold. I then deployed, by order of Major-General Cleburne, two companies as skirmishers. These skirmishers were placed a little in advance of the position occupied by the regiment and to the left of it, with their left resting on a creek which ran around the base of a high hill which was on the left of the road, facing toward Ringgold. The regiments was then moved forward a little and placed in a ravine which ran perpendicularly to the road, and thus concealed entirely from the view

Page 764 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.