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776 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II

Page 776 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.


far in our rear. Lieutenant Peareson, of Company D, sixth Texas was put in command of the vedettes, with instructions to keep concealed and not to fire. Our main line was then faced by the rear rank, and marched silently up the side of the hill about 100 yards; halted, faced about, making our new line parallel to the first. Company

F, under Lieutenant Atkins, Tenth Texas, was ordered to deploy as skirmishers, covering our front in the edge of the woods. We were ordered to keep close and in line, and refrain from firing under any circumstances till ordered, the object being to draw the enemy as near as possible. The enemy's cavalry were soon reported within a few hundred yards of town, and in a few minutes after the enemy's cavalry was reported moving toward the right of our brigade and his infantry as occupying the town.

In a short time firing was heard in front of Colonel Wilkes' (Texas) regiment, on our right, and the enemy's skirmishers were seen advancing; also, forces of the enemy passing round below our left. Firing became general among the skirmishers along the whole line of our brigade.

About this time I received orders to detach the two left companies of the regiment, and order them to report to Major Taylor to re-enforce the right of his regiment, which was accordingly done, being Compeny C, under Lieutenant Flynt, and Company L, under Captain Nutt. Colonel Granbury, commanding brigade, ordered me to prepare the line for a charge, which was done by ordering all the men into their proper places in line and having bayonets fixed.

The line of the regiment extending both ways over the turn of the hill, so as to obscure the two flanks from each other, I directed Captain Fisher, of Company G, of the sixth, to take charge of the left wing, while I would remain with the right and Adjutant Willingham near the center, so that the orders could be better observed and passed. The signal for charge was to come from Captain J. T. Hearne, assistant adjutant-general, placed in front of our center by Colonel Granbury to watch the movement of the enemy. This position was maintained during the fight, a destructive fire being kept up by our skirmishers, vedettes, and sharpshooters all the while upon the enemy, who in turn kept up a scattering fire upon us.

After thus holding our position, ready to charge at any moment the enemy should show himself in the proper position for it, for about two hours, we received an order to move off by the left flank silently, which was promptly executed by moving along the side of the hill until we intercepted the railroad, which we then followed. The officers, without exception, so far as I could observe, performed their duties promptly and well, as also the men, with but rare exception.

I take this occasion to acknowledge the valuable assistance rendered me by Adjt. J. . A. Willingham, of the Tenth Texas, from the time I assumed command of the regiment, and to bear testimony particularly to his courage, and the cool and prompt manner with which he executed all the duties devolving upon him in this action.

Our casualties in this action are as follows: None killed, 9 wounded, and 3 missing.

All of which is most respectfully submitted.

JNumbers R. KENNARD,

Captain, Commanding Regiment.

Captain J. T. HEARNE,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Page 776 KY., SW. VA., Tennessee, MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.