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777 Series I Volume XXXI-II Serial 55 - Knoxville and Lookout Mountain Part II


Numbers 266.

Report of Captain C. E. Talley, Seventh Texas Infantry.


Near Tunnel Hill, Ga., December 1, 1863.

SIR: On the morning of November 27, near Ringgold, I received orders from Major-General Cleburne to move this regiment to the top of Taylor's Ridge, in rear of the position occupied by the brigade in the valley near the town, for the purpose of holding in check any portion of the enemy's force attempting to obtain possession of that point. Immediately on reaching the top of the hill I threw out skirmishers to the right, and passed myself to the left and right, for the purpose of gaining an accurate knowledge of the position. On returning to the regiment, and while preparing to place vedettes along the front of the hill, Lieutenant Adams, who was in front, discovered that a party of three of the enemy had succeeded in very nearly reaching the top of the hill by sheltering themselves behind the timber and rough ground. They were ordered to surrender, when two of the number attempted to escape, but were fired upon and one killed and the other wounded and captured; the third (a first lieutenant, Seventeenth Missouri) was also captured and sent to the rear. I immediately threw out Companies A and D, as skirmishers, along the hill in front.

At this time a body of troops (First Arkansas Regiment) moved up and took position some distance to my right. Soon after this I was informed that the enemy was approaching in front of the Arkansas regiment, and I was very soon ordered to move to the right and act with that regiment. I immediately moved in that direction at double-quick, but found that I would not be able to reach that regiment in time to act with it. This regiment was thrown into line across the hill, and poured a volley into the enemy's right flank, which was kept up until he was driven from the field in front of the Arkansas regiment.

Immediately after this, Brigadier-General Lowrey's brigade moved up and took position to my right, and I immediately reported to him for orders. His orders were that I should form along the hill, and hold my position if I had to do so with stones. General Polk soon passed and ordered me to have breastworks thrown up of timber, &c., which was done, and I remained in this position until I received orders from Colonel Granbury to leave the field when General Lowrey's troops should do so. I moved off in rear of General Lowrey's troops, and, after crossing the creek, I was ordered by Major-General Cleburne to detach one company and post it on the top of a hill immediately to the right of the bridge, to hold the enemy in check as long as possible, which was done.

During the day 5 men were wounded.

The officers and men acted with marked coolness during the entire time without an exception.

Inclose please find statement* of casualties.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain Company D, Comdg. Seventh Texas Infantry.

Captain J. T. HEARNE,

Assistant Adjutant-General.


*Not found.