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58 Series I Volume XXXVII-II Serial 71 - Monocacy Part II

Page 58 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.

as to the numbers or description of the rebel force that attacked Harper's Ferry to-day. General Hunter has orders to move against the enemy with his force, but no information has been received from him. This Department will promptly co-operate with the State authorities in any measure that may be needed for defense against the rebels, and for raising, arming, and supplying troops. You will please communicate your wishes and any information you may acquire as to the movements of the enemy.


Secretary of War.


July 4, 1864 - 8 p. m.

His Excellency Governor CURTIN:

Your telegram of this date has just reached me. I had already forwarded to you a telegram containing instructions to General Couch to confer with you, and take such measures as might be necessary to protect your State if the enemy advanced farther. This Department has no accurate information as to the rebel force, but General Grant reports that Early's force has returned to the army in front of him. There is nothing yet received showing the enemy to be more than a cavalry force with some artillery. There are no troops here that can be sent to Pennsylvania, but it is believed that your returned troops might be speedily assembled to repel the enemy, with such additional force as you might be able to call out promptly. You are authorized by the President to make such call, and this Department will, to the utmost of its power, provide for transportation, subsistence, arming, and supplying such force as you may find necessary to raise for that purpose. In the absence of accurate information as to the members and movements of the enemy, your own, judgment, aided by the military commander of the department, will enable you to determine best the measures required. This Department will approve and sanction whatever the exigencies may require for providing the necessary force. The troops may called for 100 days, or such other period as the occasion may in your opinion demand. All that are at Philadelphia already organized, or in process of organization, may be employed by General Couch. I will keep you advised of any intelligence that may reach the Department. It is believed that General Hunter will speedily be up with his forces, but as no communication can be had with him, no precautionary measure should be neglected.


Secretary of War.

CITY POINT, VA., July 5, 1864 - 12. 30 p. m.

(Received 6. 45 p. m.)

Major-General HALLECK,

Washington, D. C.:

If the enemy cross into Maryland or Pennsylvania I can send an army corps from here to meet them or cut off their return south. If required, direct the quartermaster to send transportation.



Page 58 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.