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6 Series I Volume XVI-I Serial 22 - Morgan's First Kentucky Raid, Perryville Campaign Part I

Page 6 KY., M. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXVIII.

had moved from East Tennessee, after blockading Cumberland Gap, upon Lexington and threatened Cincinnati.

A small force of our raw troops, which had been pushed forward to Richmond, Ky., under Major-General Nelson, were met by the enemy and completely routed.

In the mean time every effort had been made to collect now troops at Cincinnati and Louisville and to fortify these places against a coup de main. To give confidence to the new levies a portion of General Grant's army was withdrawn from Mississippi and sent to Kentucky and Cincinnati. No attack was attempted by the enemy.

Major-General Buell left Louisville on the 1st of October with an army of about 100,000 men in pursuit of General Bragg. The latter engaged a part of General Buell's army at Perryville about 10 o'clock on the 8th of October. A general battle ensued and was continued till dark. It was mainly fought by Major-General McCook's division. The enemy retreated during the night. The losses were heavy on both sides, but no official reports of the numbers engaged or the losses on either side have been received.

After this battle the main army of the rebels retreated East Tennessee. General Buell pursued it as far as Mount Vernon or London, then fell back to the line from Louisville to Nashville. Here Major-General Rosecrans superseded him in the command by order of the President.

As the Secretary of War has ordered a military commission to investigate the operations of General Buell in this campaign it would be obviously improper for me to express any opinion unless specially directed to do so.

* * * * *

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Honorable E. M. Stanton,

Secretary of War.

Numbers 2.

Findings of the "Buell Commission" and accompanying documents.


Washington City, November 4, 1862.

General HALLECK:

GENERAL: You will please organize a Military Commission to inquire into and report upon the operations the operations of the forces under command of Major-General Buell in the States of Tennessee and Kentucky, and particularly in reference to General Buell suffering the State of Kentucky to be invaded by the rebel forces under General Bragg, and in his to be invaded by the rebel forces under General Bragg, and in his failing to relieve Munfordville and suffering it to be captured; also in reference to the battle of Perryville and General Buell's conduct during that battle, and afterward suffering the rebel forces to escape from Kentucky without loss or capture; and also to inquire and report upon such other matters touching the military operations aforesaid as in the judgment of the Commission shall be beneficial to the service. The Commission will sit at the city of Cincinnati. General Buell will

Page 6 KY., M. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXVIII.