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86 Series I Volume XVI-I Serial 22 - Morgan's First Kentucky Raid, Perryville Campaign Part I

Page 86 KY., M. AND E.TENN., N.ALA., AND SW.VA Chapter XXVIII.

Question. How did you make your escape from the rebel army the second time?

As I stated before, I staid at Glasgow until General Bragg's army had left; then I left.

Question. Who were you staying with when you were in the army?

I was with a brother, in First Alabama, Allen commanding.

Question. Did you have to make any explanation upon your return?

I did not see any person that recognized me. I was arrested by a citizen where I staid all night for expressions that I make. He had a pistol and saw that I was unarmed; said that he was going to carry me back to the lines. But at last he relented, after he found the army had moved. That is all the interference I met with.

Question. Did you return to the rebel army after your interview with General Buell at Prewitt's Knob?

Yes, sir.

Question. State where you found it, how long you remained with it, and where you left it.

I found it at Bardstown, two days after I left General Buell. Remained there one day before I was arrested by a Captain Burton, from La Grange, as a Union man, and was placed in the guard-house with United States soldiers, among others Lieutenant Scott, Fourth Indiana Cavalry. After I had been there two days I was sent south of the lines with General Forrest, who left at this time with an escort to take charge, as I supposed, of the Army of the Tennessee. I came down with him through Springfield, Lebanon, Tompkinsville, from thence to Dixon's Springs. All this time I was under arrest. When I got at Dixon's Springs it was in the afternoon, 5 o'clock. General Forrest went to a private house and took me with him. The next morning he left early, as he said, for Lebanon, Tenn. He left three or four men with me to follow on after him. They were all privates. I went with them nearly to the river, where they crossed from Dixon's Springs to Lebanon road. Here I dismounted in a lane. The privates with whom I was left had all procured liquor and at this time were quite intoxicated. I dismounted, as I said before, and I made my escape and went to Nashville.

Question. Where have you been since?

I have been at Nashville, at Murfreesborough, and at Chattanooga.

Question. Did you go to Chattanooga on any duty for the Government?

Yes, sir; I went there for General Negley and arrived at this place yesterday.

Question. What did you come here for?

I was going to New York to see my farther.

Question. How happened it that you were summoned before this Commission?

I recognized General Schoepf in the office and spoke to him. He asked me where I was going. I told him. He requested me to remain here, and I received an order to appear here at 12 o'clock.

Question. Have you received compensation from the Government for your secret service?

I received from you $150, and $30 from General Negley; that is all I received.

The Commission adjourned to meet December 8, at 10 a.m.

NASHVILLE, December 8, 1862-10 a.m.

Commission met pursuant to adjournment. All the members present; also the judge-advocate and General Buell.

Page 86 KY., M. AND E.TENN., N.ALA., AND SW.VA Chapter XXVIII.