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287 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II


DECEMBER 31,[1862].


Commanding Army of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.:

GENERAL: I am led to believe, from certain information I have received, that there is danger of trouble in Kentucky in case the President issues his proclamation of emancipation on the 1st instant. It is asserted that Mr. Fiske, speaker of the house of Kentucky Legislature, has addressed letters to all the members of the Legislature, asking their opinion as to the proper course for the State to pursue in the above contingency, and that two-thirds of the members or more have expressed themselves in favor of secession. It is also asserted that the forthcoming message of the Governor will favor that action. I am unwilling to give credit to these allegations, but many believe them to be true, and it becomes a duty to be prepared for such a state of things by stationing a strong and reliable force at or in the vicinity of Frankfort, where it will be available, if needed.

The Third Battalion of the Seventh Ohio Cavalry leaves Ripley to-day to report to you, and the First Battalion Eighth Ohio leaves Camp Dennison to-day, also to report to you. The Twentieth Ohio Battery, the Ninety-fifth, One hundred and twenty-fourth, and One hundred and twenty-fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry will be here in the course of the present week, and a brigade has been ordered here from Western Virginia. These are all the additional troops we can count upon for Kentucky, and they will be ample if General Rosecrans' forward movement is successful. I purpose sending the Ohio troops specified above to you, and the brigade from Western Virginia to General Boyle. Three or four reliable regiments should, I think, be located near Frankfort. Please let me have your views on the above.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

Abstract from return of the Department of the Ohio, Major-General H. G. Wright, commanding, for the month of December, 1862; headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio.

P r e s e n t f o r d u t y.

Command. Officers. Men.

Department staff 18 ---

District Central Kentucky 735 14,278

District Western Kentucky* 735 13,736

District Eastern Kentucky 98 2,148

District Western Virginia 1,061 24,308

Cincinnati, Covington, and 34 665


Camp Chase, Ohio 70 1,269

Camp Butler 23 411

Camp Dennison 10 170

Grand total 2,784 57,045

Command. Aggregate Aggregate Pieces

present. present and field

absent. artille


Department staff 18 18 ---

District Central Kentucky 18,021 21,859 18

District Western Kentucky* 17,488 23,862 ---

District Eastern Kentucky 2,831 3,160 4

District Western Virginia 28,433 33,074 51

Cincinnati, Covington, and 1,156 1,247 ---


Camp Chase, Ohio 1,468 2,439 ---

Camp Butler 542 685 ---

Camp Dennison 226 308 ---

Grand total 70,183 86,652 73


*The troops at Bowling Green are also accounted for in return of the Army of the Cumberland.