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394 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II

Page 394 KY.,MID. AND E. TENN.,N. ALA.,AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXII.

II. The cavalry companies of Captains Hill and Jewett, now in camp near this place, under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Wood, will report forthwith for duty to Lieutenant General E. Kirby Smith.

* * * * * *

By command of General Bragg:


Chief of Staff and Assistant Adjutant-General.

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT Numbers 2, Knoxville, November 7, 1862.

Lieutenant General J. C. PEMBERTON:

MY DEAR GENERAL: I have your dispatch notifying me of the reported movement of the enemy on your position at Holly Springs. I immediately ordered a force of cavalry in North Alabama, near Tuscumbia, to examine the enemy at Corinth, and, if he moved, to harass his rear and destroy his trains. This was all that we could do directly for your aid. We are moving our available forces as rapidly as possible into Middle Tennessee, to resume the offensive against the enemy there. This throws us in the rear of your opponents, and ought to create some diversion. I would prefer striking the enemy in rear of Corinth, were it practicable, but the Tennessee is a barrier we cannot overcome.

It has occurred to me that you are exposing your important depot at Columbus, Miss., to great danger by removing your whole force, if I am correctly informed, to Holly Springs. The depot containing machinery and stores we cannot replace; so that its loss would be great and irreparable. The position, too, at Holly Springs is not as strong and defensible as one farther to the rear, behind the Tallahatchie River; but of all this, of course, you have informed yourself. I only throw out the suggestions as having occurred to my mind when in that country.

I am, general, very truly, yours,

General, C. S. Army.

RICHMOND, November 8, 1862.

Brigadier General HUMPHREY MARSHALL,

Abingdon, Va.:

Complaints are made that Camron's Kentucky Battalion, Miller's Rangers, and Everett's Rangers are marauding in Washington County, and that stragglers from the Fifth Kentucky Regiment, with arms in their hands, are plundering and stealing horses, and that the people of the country are not strong enough to defend themselves. Inquire into and report the facts. I will order the disbanding of such of them as are in the Confederate service, and the enrollment of all conscripts, whether they are Kentuckians or Virginians, if you think it advisable. Use force, if necessary, for the protection of the people of the country, and institute a rigid police in the country around Abingdon. Answer by telegraph.


Secretary of War.

Page 394 KY.,MID. AND E. TENN.,N. ALA.,AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXII.