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431 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II


Organization of Polk's Corps, Army of Tennessee, about November 29, 1862.


First Brigade.

Colonel R. W. HANSON.

41st Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel M. L. Stansel.

2nd Kentucky, Major J. W. Hewitt.

4th Kentucky, Colonel R. P. Trabue.

6th Kentucky, Colonel Joseph H. Lewis.

9th Kentucky, Colonel T. H. Hunt.

Cobb's Kentucky battery, Captain R. Cobb.

Graves' Kentucky battery, Captain J. Ingram.

Roberts' Kentucky cavalry, Captain B. E. Roberts.

Second Brigade.

Colonel J. B. PALMER.

32nd Alabama, Colonel A. McKinstry.

4th Florida, Colonel W. L. L. Bowen.

18th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Butler.

32nd Tennessee, Colonel E. C. Cook.

Dawson's Georgia battery, Lieutenant R. W. Anderson.

Moses' Georgia battery, Captain S. A. Moses.

Third Brigade.

Colonel F. M. WALKER.

60th North Carolina, Colonel J. A. McDowell.

20th Tennessee.

28th Tennessee, Colonel P. D. Cunningham.

45th Tennessee.

Eldridge's Tennessee battery, Captain J. W. Eldridge.

Dure's Georgia battery, Captain G. A. Dure.

Not brigaded.

Reserve Artillery Battalion, Major J. T. Montgomery.

Cavalry companies:

Company D, 2nd (Woodward's) Kentucky Cavalry, Captain Robert Biggs.

Mississippi cavalry, independent company, Captain E. M. Blackburn.

Company K, 8th Kentucky Cavalry, Captain Patrick Simms.


First Brigade.

Brigadier General FRANK GARDNER.

19th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel S. K. McSpadden.

22nd Alabama, Colonel Z. C. Deas.

25th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel G. D. Johnston.

26th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel N. N. Clement.

39th Alabama, Colonel H. D. Clayton.

1st Louisiana Regulars.

17th Battalion Alabama Sharpshooters (one company), Captain B. C. Yancey.

Robertson's battery, Lieutenant S. H. Dent.

Second Brigade.

Colonel THOMAS W. WHITE.++

7th Mississippi, Colonel W. H. Bishop.

9th Mississippi, Major T. H. Lynam.

10th Mississippi, Major James Barr, jr.

29th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel W. F. Brantly.

Blythe's regiment, 44th Mississippi, Major J. C. Thompson.

9th Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters, Captain O. F. West.

Ketchum's Alabama battery, Lieutenant James Garrity.


*November 26, 1862.

+November 29, 1862.

++Assumed command November 27, in absence of Brigadier General J. R. Chalmers.