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439 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II



Numbers 1.
Chattanooga, December 4, 1862.

The undersigned assumes the command to which he is assigned in Special Orders, Numbers 275, dated Richmond, November 24, 1862.

The following officers constitute his staff, viz: Colonel B. S. Ewell, adjutant-general; Lieutenant Colonel T. B. Lamar, assistant adjutant-general; Major A. P. Mason, assistant adjutant-general; Colonel Charles M. Fauntleroy, inspector-general; Lieutenant Colonel E. J. Harvie, assistant inspector-general; Major Alfred M. Barbour, quartermaster; Lieutenant J. Barroll Washington, aide-de-camp; Lieutenant Wade Hampton, jr., aide-de-camp.



CIRCULAR.] HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF TENNESSEE, Murfreesborough, December 4, 1862.

1st. Hanson's brigade will proceed as far as Baird's Mills, on the Lebanon pike, and remain two days, making a reconnaissance toward Nashville.

2nd. Major-General Cheatham, with two brigades of his division, will move as far as the main body of cavalry, on the Nashville road; remain all night; move early next day to the front, with Brigadier-General Wheeler, and make a forced reconnaissance toward Nashville, and return at night. The third day leave on brigade and return. Consult General Wheeler as to the position of this brigade, which is to support him. Until further orders, one brigade of this division will hold this position.

3rd. The two regiments from Breckinridge's division now in front will rejoin it, and one will be stationed at Black's, 7 miles out on the Lebanon pike. These infantry commands will at all times be in readiness to support the cavalry when called on, and will promptly attack and drive back marauding parties of the enemy, holding themselves ready to move at all times.

4th. Lieutenant-General Hardee's corps will immediately take position at or near Eagleville, on the Nashville and Shelbyville pike, one brigade being kept in front at Triune, and a small regiment at Shelbyville, as a guard to the depot from which the corps will be supplied. Reconnaissances will be made to the front, and marauding parties of the enemy checked and punished.

5th. A battalion of 200 effective men from Wharton's cavalry brigade will be stationed at Franklin, to observe the enemy and prevent communication by citizens, which is now being carried on. This command will also scout the Hillsborough pike.

6th. Lieutenant-General Smith's corps will move as soon as practicable by the dirt road to Readyville, 12 miles east of this point, where it will be located, its subsistence beyond what the country affords being drawn from this point.

7th. Courier stations will be established by all the outposts at distances of from 5 to 7 miles, to secure the rapid transmission of dispatches. One horse at each station will always be kept saddled and the rider ready for service.

8th. Such infantry force from Hanson's brigade as may be required will report to and accompany Brigadier-General Morgan on the special service assigned him. After the completion of this duty it will rejoin its division.

By command of General Bragg:


Assistant Adjutant-General.