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498 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II

Page 498 KY, MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXII.

JACKSON, VIA MONTGOMERY, January 16, 1863.

(Received at Richmond, January 17.)

General S. COOPER:

General Bragg reports that Rosecrans has been re-enforced by 25,000 men, and is repairing railroad from Nashville. Can any troops be sent to General Bragg from the east? It is of great importance.



Numbers 27. Tullahoma, January 16, 1863.

I. Brigadier-General Pillow, having been relieved from duty with Breckinridge's division by General Orders, Numbers 6, dated Headquarters Army of Tennessee, Tullahoma, January 14, 1863, Brigadier-General Preston will assume command of the division during the temporary absence of Major-General Breckinridge.

II. Brigadier-General Brown will report to Brigadier-General Preston, commanding Brickinridge's division, to assume command of his brigade, previously commanded by Brigadier-General Pillow.

By command of Lieutenant-General Hardee.

T. B. ROY,

Chief of Staff.

Tullahoma, Tenn., January 16, 1863.

Under the instructions of the War Department of the 8th instant, Brigadier General G. J. Pillow has been directed to organize a volunteer and conscript recruiting bureau for the army. For the execution of this important duty, commanders of army corps and detached brigades and regiments will detail, upon his written application, as recruiting officers three field officers from each regiment, in their respective command, who shall promptly report for instructions and duty to General Pillow. Major Cheatham, acting quartermaster, will report to him immediately. Major Guy, acting commissary of subsistence, will, as soon as he arrives, report for same duty. General Pillow will select from the other officers, to report to him such as he may deem proper to serve on his staff or in his office. He will be allowed to receive volunteer recruits for existing regiments from all sections, who will be entitled to all allowances heretofore granted volunteers, volunteer companies from sections of the country occupied by the enemy, or from behind his lines or positions, and to enforce the conscript law in all sections of the country in our power, and from which we have, with the army existing, regiments, battalions, or companies. He will order suitable localities as rendezvous for volunteer recruits and conscripts, will observe as his guide the conscript law with all exemptions, and will be furnished, upon application, with surgeons for inspecting volunteers and conscripts. He will report his orders, instructions, and wants to these headquarters. Such force of cavalry as may be necessary will be placed at his disposal upon application. Commanders of corps having cavalry with their corps, and commanders of bodies of cavalry for local and temporary want, will furnish him with one or two companies of cavalry for service in the vicinity of the headquarters of such corps, upon his written application, who, when the temporary service is rendered, will return to duty with

Page 498 KY, MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXII.