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505 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II

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[List of the field and staff officers and members of the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry (or more familiarly known as the "Anderson Cavalry"), who went to the front and were engaged in the battle of Murfreesborough.*]

[Made from the official to General Rosecrans; compared with and confirmed by the official records of the Adjutant-General's, War Department.]

Field and staff.-Lieutenant Co. William Spencer; Majors Adolph G. Rosengarten and Frank B. Ward; Adjt. James Blackstone; Surg. Joseph W. Alexander; Asst. Surg. George F. Mish; Sergt. Major Washington Airey; Commissary Sergt. Charles S. Hichman; Hospital Stewards James L. Anderson and Charles P. Sellers.

Company B (commanded by Captain James A. Lashell and Lieutenants James C. Sproul and Allison McDowell).-Sergts. Comly J. Mather, Henry C. Butcher, Wiliam Wagner, Charles A. Galloney, Charles H. Stewart, and Edmund Trockmorton; Corpls. Wiliam Thompson, William R. Diller, Charles L. Hayden, George J. French, and James L. Hamil; Privates Thomas C. Babb, Robert E. Buzzy, John Burton, George M. D. Boutcher, Arthur H. Craig, Nicholas Lenning, Joseph D. Little, Stuart Logan, Edwin M. Mehl, Horatio W. Pharo, Henry E. Roberts, Peter J. Donnelly, Wiliam P. Ellis, Horace Evans, Robert, Edge, Joseph P. Fullerton, William K. Rile, Josiah C. Reiff, James A. Rothermel, John C. Sinclair, Theodore H. Stauffer, John Tweedale, John C. Fleming, John M. Gilmour, George F. Headly, Henry D. Hirst, Harry C. Johnston, Charles E. Taylor, Henry C. Williams, William Walsh. Thomas C. Warren, and George P. Yocum.

Company c (commanded by Captain Alfred Vezin and Lieutenants Wiliam F. Proser, Christian Musselman, and M. L. De Coursey).-Sergts. William H. Kimber, Henry C. Blake, Wiliam P. Rockhill, jr., and David Holmes; Corpls. Annesley N. Morton, Wiliam F. Colton, Frederick

Spang, and Joseph R. Thomas; Privates George W. Lukens, Joseph B. Mears, James E. Negus, jr. Frank E. Remout, Frederick S. Schrack, Edward C. Smith, Jacob R. Steinmety, Edward F. Evans. John A. Guldin, Philip S. Jacoby, Samuel R. Jamison, Henry C. Johnson, Wilfred H. Keely, Joseph R. Lonabaugh, Orlando Weikel, Henry W. Arnold, John Wesley Bowen, James W. Caldwell, Mathias B. Colton, Walter B. Crawford, Abram G. Spidle, and Albert B. Commings.

* See pp. 345-380.

Page 505 APPENDIX.