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512 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II

Page 512 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

Frazer's (J. W.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 28th regiment.

Freeman's (D. C.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 5th Regiment.

Freeman's (S. L.) Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Frizell's (Joseph W.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 94th Regiment.

Funkhouser's (John J.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 98th Regiment.

Gallup's (G. W.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 14th regiment.

Gano's (R. M.) Cavalry. See kentucky Troops, Confederate, 7th Regiment.

Garrard's (Israel) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 7th Regiment.

Garrity's (James) Artillery. See W. H. Ketchum's Artillery.

Garrott's (Isham W.) Infantry. See Alabama Toops, 20th Regiment.

Gault's (James W.) Infantry. See Kentucky troops, Union, 16th Regiment.

Gault's (John) Infantry. See Kentucky Toops, Union,28th Regiment.

George's (James) Infantry. See Minnesota Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Gibson's (James G.) Artillery. See Georgia Troops, 14th Battalion, Battery F.

Gibson's (O. C.) Artillery. See Griffin Artillery.

Gilbert's (Henry C.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 19th Regiment.

Gillespie's (J. W.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 43rd Regiment.

Given's (William) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 102nd Regiment.

Gleen's (J. A.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 36th Regiment.

Goodrich's (John C.) Infantry.* See Wisconsin Troops, 21st Regiment.

Gordon's (G. W.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 11th regiment.

Gordon's (H. R.) Cavalry. See Alabama Troops.

Governor's Guard, Infantry. See Ohio Troops.

Graves' (R. E.) Artillery. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate.

Gray's (Isaac P.) Cavalry. See Indiana Troops, 4th Regiment.

Griffin artillery. See Georgia Troops.

Griffin's (Daniel F.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 38th Regiment.

Groom's (J. C.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops. 100th Regiment.

Grosvenor's (Charles H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 18th Regiment.

Hale's (Luther F.) Artillery. See John S. Andrews' Artillery.

Halisy's (Dennis J.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 6th Regiment.

Hall's (Boling, jr.) Infantry. See Hiliard's Legion.

Hamilton's (O. P.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Hanvey's (G. M.) Artillery. See Newman Artillery.

Hardy's (L. T.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 12th Battalion.

Harkie's (C. B.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 55th Regiment.

Harper's (R. W.) Mounted Rifles. See Arkansas Troops, 1st Rifles.

Harris' (A.) Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 14th Regiment.

Harris' (S.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 43rd Regiment.

Harrison's (Thomas) Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 8th regiment.

Hart's (John R.) Cavalry. See S. J. Smith's Legion.

Harvey's (James B.) cavalry. See De Witt C. Douglass' Cavalry.

Hawkins' (H.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 5th Regiment.

Hawley's (C. G.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 117th Regiment.

Hayden's (James R.) Infantry. See Illinois troops, 19th regiment.

Hays' (Wiliam H.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 10th Regiment.

Henderson's (James M.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 33rd regiment.

Henderson's (R. J.) Infantry. see Georgia Troops, 42nd regiment.

Henderson's (Thoman J.) See Illinois Troops, 112th Regiment.

Hescock's (Henry) Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Union, 1st regiment, Battery G.

Hewitt's (J. W.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 2nd Regiment.

Higgins' (T. H.) Infantry. See Dennison Guards.

Hilliard's Legion. See Alabama Troops.

* Temporarily commanding.

Page 512 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.