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514 Series I Volume XX-II Serial 30 - Murfreesborough Part II

Page 514 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXII.

McConnell's (J. T.) Infantry. See Georgia, 39th Regiment.

McCown's Body-guard Cavalry. See J. J. Partin's Cavalry.

McCown's Escort Cavalry. See L. T. Hardy's cavalry.

Mccray's (T. H.) Infantry. See Arkansas Troops, 31ts Regiment.

McDowell's (J. A.) Infantry. See North Carolina Troops, 60th Regiment.

McFall's (G.) Cavalry. See W. McLaughlin's Cavalry.

McHenry's (Jonh J., jr.) Infantry. See Kentucky troops, Union, 17th Regiment.

McIntire's (William T. B.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 42nd regiment.

McKenzie's (G. W.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

McKinstry's (A.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 32nd regiment.

McLaughlin's (W.) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops.

McMillen's (W. L.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 95th Regiment.

McMurry's (J. A.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 4th Regiment, P. A.

McMynn's (John G.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 10th Regiment.

McSpadden's (S. K.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 19th Regiment.

McTyer's (W. A.) Artillery. See Eufaula Artillery.

Mabry Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Magee's (David W.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 86th Regiment.

Mann's (William D.) Cavalry. See Michigan Troops, 7th Regiment.

Maple's (T. S.) Cavalry. See Anderson Troop.

Margrave's (G. R.) Sappers and Miners. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Marion Artillery. See Florida Troops.

Marshall's (W. R.) Artillery. See Brown Horss Artillery.

Martin's (J. M.) Artillery. See Marion Artillery.

Maxvell's (Cicero) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 26th Regiment.

Maxvell's (G. T.) cavalry. See Florida Troops, 1st Regiment.

May's (A. J.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 5th Regiment.

Mihalotzy's (Geza) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 24th Regiment.

Miles' (David) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 1st Regiment.

Miller's (John B.) Artillery. See Illinois troops, 1st Regiment, Battery M.

Miller's (O. P.) Cavalry. See Louisiana Troops.

Miller's (T. C. H.) Cavalry. See De Witt C. Douglass' Cavalry.

Miner's (G. G.) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 7th Regiment.

Minty's (R. H. G.) Cavalry. See Michigan Troops, 4th Regiment.

Montgomery's (James H. M.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 33rd Regiment.

Moody's (Granville) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 74th Regiment.

Moody's(Y. M.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 43rd Regimen.

Moore's (Jesse H.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 115th Regiment.

Moore's (Robert S.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 85th Regiment.

Morrison's (J. J.) Cavalry. See Georgia Troops, 1st Regiment.

Moses! (S. A.) Artillery. See Georgia Troops.

Mott's (Samuel R.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 118th Regiment.

Munday's (Reuben) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 3rd Regiment.

Murray's (J. P.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Napier's (T. A.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Neibling's (James M.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 21st Regiment.

Newman Artillery. See Georgia Troops, 12th Battalion, Battery A.

Nix's (F. M.) Cavalry. See Georgia Troops, 16th Battalion.

Nixon's (J. O.) Cavalry. See Louisiana Troops, 1st Regiment.

Ohio Cavalry, Second Independent Battalion. See Ohio Troops, 8th Regiment.

Opdycke's (E.) Infantry. See Troops, 125th Regiment.

Orcutt's (B. F.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 25th Regiment.

Paddock's (Byron D.) Artillery. See John S. Andrews' Artillery.

Palmer's (John B.) Infantry. See North Carolina Troops, 58th Regiment.

Page 514 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXII.