Today in History:

5 Series I Volume XXXV-I Serial 65 - Olustee Part I


Numbers 32.-Brigadier General Beverly H. robertson, C. S. Army, commanding Second and Sixth Military Districts, of operations July 7-10.

Numbers 33.-Brigadier General Henry A. Wise, C. S. Army, commanding Sixth Military District, of operations February 8-12.

Numbers 34.-Brigadier General William B. Taliaferro, C. S. Army, commanding Seventh Military District, of operations April 8-October 15.

Numbers 35.-Extracts from Journal of Operations in the Seventh Military District, March 31-April 29.

Numbers 36.-Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Elliott, jr., and Capts. Francis T. Miles, James M. Carson, Thomas J. China, S. H. Wilds, John C. Mitchel, Charles W. Parker, C. A. Willis, Thomas A. Huguenin, and Stephen D. Mobley, commanding Fort Sumter, of operations January 1-September 26.

Numbers 37.-Captain John Johnson, C. S. Engineers, of operations July 19- 26.

Numbers 38.-Colonel Alfred Rhett, First South Carolina Artillery, commanding fifth Military District, &c., of operations June 2-September 20.

Numbers 39.-Colonel George P. Harrison, jr., Thirty-second Georgia Infantry, commanding brigade, of action at Burden's Causeway, John's Island.

Numbers 40.-Colonel John L. Black, First South Carolina Cavalry, of attack on Fort Johnson and Battery Simkins and operations September 10-18.

Numbers 41.-Colonel Charles H. Simonton, Twenty-fifth South Carolina Infantry, of operations April 8 and 15 and May 13.

Numbers 42.-Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Yates, First South Carolina Artillery, of assault and attack on Fort Johnson and Battery Simkins.

Numbers 43.-Lieutenant Colonel J. Welsman Brown, Second South Carolina Artillery, of skirmish on Pine Island.

Numbers 44.-Lieutenant Colonel O. M. Dantzler, Twenty-first South Carolina Infantry, of destruction of U. S. steamer Housatonic.

Numbers 45.-Lieutenant Colonel John G. Pressley, Twenty-fifth South Carolina Infantry, of operations April 15.

Numbers 46.-Major R. A. Wayne, First Georgia Regulars, of skirmish on John's Island.

Numbers 47.-Major William S. Basinger, Eighteenth Battalion Georgia Infantry, of operations May 13-16.

Numbers 48.-Major John Jenkins, Third South Carolina Cavalry, of operations July 3-10 and the burning of Legareville.

Numbers 49.-Lieutenant Colonel Del. Kemper, C. S. Artillery, of operations July 7-9.

Numbers 50.-Captain Thomas A. Huguenin, First South Carolina Infantry (Regulars), of operations May 13-16.

Numbers 1. Reports of Brigadier General John P. Hatch, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the South, of operations May 1-23.

Hilton Head, S. C., May 14, 1864.

COLONEL: Since I came in command of the department there has been little of interest to report. Two rams, building in Charleston, have been launched and are now receiving their plating. The enemy have been for some time repairing Fort Sumter, and deserters report hat a few hours' work in clearing away the debris will expose a powerful battery on the sea front. The lower casemates on that front have never been injured. It is also reported that a mortar battery is being established in the work. A bombardment from the mortar batteries on the north end of Morris Island has been kept up