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82 Series I Volume XXXV-I Serial 65 - Olustee Part I

Page 82 S.C.,FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.


FORT STRONG, September 26, 1864.

City to Fort Johnson.

--- ---- and take Gregg, while I attempt to run out to-night. Our batteries have been instructed to permit them to pass. Please inform your pickets.



Lieutenant ROBERTS:

This message was sent in the new code,and there were a few words in the beginning that I did not get, but from the purport of the message I should judge that they intended to attack to-night and run a vessel out. Please inform the general. Will keep a bright lookout.



No. 10. Report of Brigadier General Edward E. Potter, U. S. Army, commanding Northern District, of operations October 27-November 7.

HDQRS. NORTHERN DISTRICT, DEPT. OF THE SOUTH, Morris Island, November 7, 1864.

SIR: I have the honor to report, for the information of the major-general commanding, that since assuming command of this district* I have visited and inspected all the forts, batteries,garrisons,and outposts on the different islands. On Morris Island the palisading bout Fort Putnam and the naval battery is completed. The stockade in rear of Battery Chatfield is very nearly finished; the palisading in its front is not yet commenced. The work upon the naval battery has been delayed by the want of plank for revetments and for the bomb-proof. Five of the 11-inch guns are in position, and fire could be opened at any time. A serious drawback to the speedy completion of these works has been the lack of transportation, there not being sufficient to carry sod and lumber to the front as fast as they were required. I would suggest that a covered way,to serve also as an infantry parapet,be constructed between the naval battery and Battery Chatfield. Some sand has been loosely thrown up there, but the winds soon scatter it. Fort Shaw and Battery Purviance, at the south end of the island, are both in good condition, with the exception that the palisading around each of them requires to be repaired and strengthened.

The troops upon Morris Island are generally in good health. The Fifty-sixth New York,which came from Beaufort with a large sick-list, have improved, but still furnish a larger sick report than any other regiment in this district. Their camp being an unhealthy locality, I directed its removal farther up the beach.

The boat infantry, composed of the larger portion of the Fifty-second Pennsylvania Volunteers, has had its efficiency lessened by


*October 27, 1864.


Page 82 S.C.,FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.