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36 Series I Volume L-I Serial 105 - Pacific Part I


[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

I. T. A. Wilson says:

I was elected foreman of the party traveling with me for the purpose of selecting camping places and the like; any further than this I have no control over them; designed going to Sonora and spending a portion of the winter, and then proceeding to my home in Tennessee; have an aged morther living in Tennessee, whom I wish to see; have no intention of taking up arms against the Federal Government; perfectly willing to take the oath of allegiance. Served eighteen months in the U. S. Army in Mexico; will never take arms against the Government of the United States; am not acquainted with all the men belonging to the party; a portion of them I never saw until they joined the party at El Monte; did not know that Showalter was coming until I saw him at the Monte; had no preconcerted arrangements to meet Showalter or any other party; am twenty-nine years of age.


Lieutenant C. R. Wellman states that Wilson did not object to coming to camp; said he was perfectly willing to be examined, and to take the oath of allegiance, but would abide the decision of the party; did not see any impropriety in their being required to undergo an examination.

I certify that the above is correct.


Second Lieutenant, First Cavalry California Volunteers.

II. William Woods says:

I am from Clay County, Mo. ; have lived for the last three years in Los Angeles County, Cal. ; came to California in 1850; have lived the most of the time in Sierra and Plumas Counties, except the time that I livied in Los Angeles; lived in Sierra County from 1852 to 1854. Was engaged in mining; lived with a man by the name of Carpenter in Los Angeles; left Los Angeles alone; joined the party at El Monte; knew a portion of the party were at El Monte when I left Los Angeles; my sympathies have heretofore been with the South, having been born there; if I were in Missouri and obliged to take sides it is hard to say which side I would take; have no objections to taking the oath of allegiance; am thirty years of age.


III. Charles Benbrook says:

Am from Simpson County, Ky. ; left Mariposa County on the 26th day of October, 1861; lived in Mariposa County since August, 1850, when Sands and myself left Mariposa together; left Mariposa with the intention of spending the winter in Los Angeles; when I got to Los Angeles I found a party was forming to go to Sonora, Mexico, and joined it; was acquainted with Wilson before I started; he had left Mariposa some time before I left; had no idea of meeting Wilson on the trip; I left Kentucky when I was a boy; came to California in 1849 from Texas; do not like to take the oath of allegiance if it can be avoided; have never held the doctrine that any Sate has a right to secede; will never take arms against the Government of the United States under any circumstances.


IV. William Sands says:

I am from Mariposa; came to California in 1849; lived ten years in Calaveras County; I was born in Wilson County, Tenn. ; came to California from Memphis, Tenn. ; Charles Benbrook left Mariposa with me; we started to got to Sonora, Mexico; were going to Sonora to better our condition; my sympathies are with my people; if I were in Tennessee I can't say which side I would take in the present war; do not think that one State alone has any right to secede; am willing to take the oath of allegiance; am forty years of age.

WILLIAM (his x mark) SANDS.

V. T. L. Roberts says:

I was born in Fairfield, S. C. ; left there when a body; came to California in 1860; came from Placer County to this place, via Los Angeles; stopped in Los Angeles about four months; went to San Francisco with the intention of taking the steamer for Guaymas, Mexico; waited two weeks for the steamer, and finally concluded to go through by land; was going with the intention of going into business if the country suited me; had not made up my mind whether I would return to San francisco or to my native State, in case Sonora did not suit me; re with the people of the South, but would not like to see them break up the Government;