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39 Series I Volume L-I Serial 105 - Pacific Part I


XVII. Statement of William Hamilton:

I am an American citizen; was born near Lexington, Ky. ; am fifty-one years of age; left Kentucky when twelve years old; went to Saint Louis, Mo. ; resided there eighteen months, then went to Santa Fe, N. Mex. ; went from there to the city of Mexico; resided in Mexico till October, 1845; went from Mexico to Pensacola; thence to New Orleans; thence to Corpus Christi; thence to Point Isabel, where I joined Captain Walker's company, and served in General Taylor's army for three months; I then followed the army as contractor and interpreter to the close of the war between the United States and Mexico; resided in the frontier of Mexico till 1850; came from there to California, where I arrived in July or August in the same year went to Fort Tejon in April or May, 1855; had a contract there for making adobes for the Government; resided there till October or November of the same year; went from there to Stockton; worked there awhile at my trade (gunsmithing); resided in the neighborhood of Stockton and Mariposa until about two years ago, when I went to Mono, Cal., where I have resided until about two years ago, when I went to Mono, Cal., where I have resided until about the 1st of October of the present year; came from Mono via Fort Tejon on my way to Fort Yuma; when I left Mono I designed going to Los Angeles to work at my trade; at Los Angeles I heared of a party forming to go to Texas; thought of joining it, but abandoned the ide before leaving Los Angeles.


XVIII. E. B. Sumner says:

I am from Perquimans County, N. C. ; am thirty-four years old; came to Calfornia in 1849; am a miner by occupation; have lived in Mariposa the greater portion of the time in California; knew Showalter in Mariposa; started with Wilson and King; left them at El Monte; at El Monte a man by the name of Morgan came to our camp and said he had heard that our party was going to Texas; Wilson told him that the party was about returning, and had given up the idea of going to TExas; Morgan said that he was going to Texas, and would go alone if he could get no one to go with him; Morgan resides at Temecula; was on my way back from San Bernardino when I met Chum, who told me he was going through to Texas; concluded to go with him; it was my intention to go to North Carolina; am not acquainted in Texas; have always been a Union man; have noidea of taking up arms against the Government of the United States; am willing to take the oath of allegiance.


XIX. F. N. Chum says:

I am from Texas; was born in Choctaw County, Miss. ; left Mississippi when quite young; am thirty years of age; came to California in 1856 from Arkansas; considered Texas my home; am a laborer by occupation; lived in Tulumne County mostly; my last residence was in Los Angeles; lived there with a man know as little Jack Watson; my object in going to Texas was to see an aged mother, whom I am anxious to see once more; had no intention of taking up arms against the Government of the United States; consider myself a good and loyal citizen of the United States; am perfectly willing to take the oath of allegiance.


[Inclosure Numbers 3.]

I,--, do solemnly swear that I will bear true allegiance to the Government of the United States; that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies and opposers whatsoever, and that I will support, maintian, and defend the supremacy of the Constitution of the United States, and all laws of Congress made in pursuance thereof, and that I will in all things well and fiathfully discharge the duties of a citizen of the United Staes to the best of my ability. So help me God.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of December, 1861. Camp Wright, Oak Grove Station, San Diego County, Southern California.


Los Angeles, Cal., December 7, 1861.

The above is a true copy of the oath administered by Major E. A. Rigg, First Infantry California Volunteers, and by Lieutenant J. P. Hargrave,