Today in History:

2 Series I Volume XLVIII-I Serial 101 - Powder River Expedition Part I


Jan. 15, 1865. -Skirmish in Madison County, Ark.

15-17, 1865. -Expedition from New Orleans to Mandeville, La.

15-18, 1865. -Expeditions from Pine Bluff, Ark.

15-21, 1865. -Scout form Fort Larned to Pawnee Fork, Walnut Creek, and Smoky Hill River, Kans.

16-18, 1865. -Expedition from Brashear City to Whisky Bayou, La.

16-22, 1865. -Operations about Waynesville, Mo., including skirmish near McCourtney's Mills, on Big Piney.

18, 1865. -Skirmish at Clarksville, Ark.

18-19, 1865. -Expedition from Napoleonville to Grand River, La.

18-22, 1865. -Scout from Warrensburg to the Snibar Hills, Mo.

19-20, 1865. -Scout from Donaldsonville, La.

19-22, 1865. -Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., to Marion, Ark., with skirmishes (20th and 21st) at and near Marion.

20, 1865. -The Territory of Arizona reannexed to the Department of the Pacific.

Skirmish at Point of Rocks or Nine-Mile Ridge, Kans.

Skirmish near fort Larned, Kans.

21-22, 1865. -Expedition from Brashear City to Bayou Sorrel, La.

22, 1865. -Skirmish on the Benton Road, near Little Rock, Ark.

22-Feb. 4, 1865. -Expedition from Little Rock to Mount Elba., Ark., with skirmish at Saline River.

23, 1865. -Skirmish at Thompson's Plantation, La.

24, 1865. -Skirmish near Bayou Goula, La.

Skirmish at Fayetteville, Ark.

24-Feb. 22, 1865. -Expedition from Cape Girardeau, Mo., to Elven Points River, Ark.

26-31, 1865. -Scout from Pine Bluff toward Camden and Monticello, Ark., with skirmishes.

26-Feb. 4, 1865. -Expedition from Plaquemine to The Park, La., with skirmish (February 4) at The Park.

26-Feb. 11, 1865. -Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., into Southeastern Arkansas and Northeastern Louisiana.

27, 1865. -Expedition from Fort Pinney to Kimball's Plantation, Ark.

28-Feb. 9, 1865. -Operations on the Upper Arkansas, with skirmish (February 1) at Fort Zarah, Kans.

29-Feb. 7, 1865. -Scouts from Bayou Goula to Grand River, La., with skirmish (January 30) at Richland Plantation.

30, 1865. -The Department of Kansas merged into the Department of the Missouri.

The Military Division of the Missouri created, including the Departments of the Missouri and the Northwest.

Major General John Pope, U. S. Army, assigned to the command of the Military Division of the Missouri.

Major General Samuel R. Curtis, U. S. Army, transferred to the command of the Department of the Northwest.

Skirmish in La Fayette County, Mo.

30-31, 1865. -Expedition from Thibodeaux to Lake Verret and Bayou Planton, La., with skirmish (30th) near Lake Verret.

31, 1865. -Expedition from Morganza to New Roads, La.

Skirmish near Oxford, Kans.

31-Feb. 1, 1865. -Expedition from Fort Pike to Bayou Bonfouca, La., with skirmish (January 31).

Feb. 1, 1865. -Major General J. Bankhead Magruder, C. S. Army, assumes command of the District of Arkansas.