Today in History:

9 Series I Volume XLVIII-I Serial 101 - Powder River Expedition Part I


May 18, 1865. -Skirmish with Indians near Fort Kearny, Nebr. Ter.

Skirmish with Indians on the Coteau, Minn.

Twenty-fifth Army Corps ordered to be held in readiness for transportation to Texas.

18-20, 1865. -Scout from Lebanon to Warsaw, Mo.

18-27, 1865. -Expedition against Indians in Dakota Territory.

19-20, 1865. -Scout from Sweetwater Bridge to Whisky Gap, Dak. Ter.

19-22, 1865. -Scout from Kingsville, Mo.

19-26, 1865. -Scout from Fort Kearny, Nebr. Ter.

19-June 2, 1865. -Scout from Fort Kearny to the Little Blue River, Nebr. Ter.

Affair near Pawnee Rock, Kans.

Skirmishes on Deer Creek, Dak. Ter.

20-22, 1865. -Operations about Three Crossings Station, Dak. Ter.

Scout from Camp Plumb, Dak. Ter.

22, 1865. -Skirmish at Valley Mines, Mo.

23, 1865. -Scout from Thibodeaux to Lake Verret, La.

Skirmish near Waynesville, Mo.

23-26, 1865. -Scout from Warrensburg, Mo., to mouth of Coal Camp Creek.

23-27, 1865. -Expedition from Bayou Boeuf to Bayou De Large, La., with affair (27th) at Bayou De Large.

26, 1865. -General E. Kirby Smith, C. S. Army, surrenders troops in Trans-Mississippi Department to Major General Edward R. S. Canby, U. S. Army.

26-27, 1865. -Scout and skirmishes in Carroll and Ray Counties, Mo.

Scout from Plum Creek, Nebr. Ter.

26-June 9, 1865. -Operations against Indians on the Overland Stage Road on the Platte and Sweetwater Rivers, with skirmishes (May 27) at Saint Mary's Station, (May 26, 28, and June 1) at Sweetwater Station, (June 3) at Platte Bridge, Dak. Ter., and (June 8) at Sage Creek, Colo. Ter.

27, 1865-Major General Peter J. Osterhaus, U. S. Army, assigned to command the Department of Mississippi, relieving Major General Governor K. Warren, U. S. Army.

Skirmish in Chariton County, Mo.

Skirmish at Switzler's Mill, Chariton County, Mo.

28, 1865. -Bvt. Brigadier General George Spalding, Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry, assumes command of the District of North Missouri.

29, 1865. -Territory in the Trans- Mississippi south of the Arkansas River designated the Military Division of the Southwest, by Major General Philip H. Sheridan, U. S. Army.

Major General Philip H. Sheridan, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Military Division of the Southwest.

29, 1865. -The District of East Louisiana formed, to consist of the Districts of Baton Rouge and Port Hudson and the Post of Clinton, and Brigadier General Michael K. Lawler, U. S. Army, assigned to its command.