Today in History:

12 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


Lieutenant James A. Henry, be called into active service in Pike county, Mo. Representations are made to me that serious troubles exist in Pike County which renders it necessary to have some men on duty. I propose to station this detachment at Clarksville.

I have the honor to be, Governor, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



LIBERTY, July 1, 1864.


Saint Joseph, Mo.:

SIR: We have quite a rough time of getting the bushwhackers out of this county. We have been in three skirmishes with them. They invariably fire at us and run. One of my boys is severely wounded; I fear he will die. I with my company have gone to the brush. I sent word to the bushwhackers that one or the other of us had to leave the country. General, we will clear them up as fast as we get them, but still at the same time we do not propose to make war upon innocent persons, but the guilty shall fall. The guerrilla who shot my soldier was killed by one of my soldiers. My soldier who was shot snapped his gun at the guerrilla first, and then the guerrilla shot him. General why were we not permitted to hum them up last week? We could hear of them out from here every day. My friends are very anxious for me to return to old Ray. I would be glad if I was permitted to come back when we finish the work here, but I do not want to go back until things are straightened up here. All things are quiet in Ray so far as I know. Camden was robbed again. I wonder if Colonel Barr holds the officer in Ray, as he did me, accountable for the robbery of Camden. General, Colonel Barr tries all he can to interfere with my business, so I am told, and if he interferes much more I shall be compelled to call him to an account for the same. No such a man as Colonel Barr shall interfere with my work. I expect to attend to my own business and not to interfere with his at all. All i ask is justice. General, excuse me for such language.

Hoping to hear from you soon, I am, your obedient servant,



Richmond, Mo., July 1, 1864.

Captain G. A. HOLLOWAY,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Saint Joseph, Mo.:

SIR: I have just been aroused by Captain Tiffin, at 2 a. m. with the startling intelligence that Lieutenant McKown, of his company, has met the clay County guerrillas in considerable force near Hainesville; that the lieutenant himself is badly wounded in the hip, 1 man wounded and 2 others prisoners or killed. I have immediately notified Captain Colley, directing him to be vigilant and concentrate his forces in eastern part of this county. He will fall in with Captain Tiffin, who goes to the relief of his men. Lieutenant Page is now on scout in eastern part of this county. I have ordered him to return and will send him forward with a detachment of my company. We have not been able