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40 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


since the opening of spring crossed back into our territories and probably joined the hostile camp, which is said to contain 2,000 lodges, or between 4,000 and 5,000 warriors. General Sully is now advancing upon them with a force of nearly 1,600 cavalry and mounted infantry, dispatched by me in compliance with General Pope's order to re-enforce him, and about the same amount of strength from his own district. Should he be successful in meeting and inflicting upon these Indians a severe defeat, it is my opinion that this formidable Indian war can soon thereafter be closed so far as any great demonstrations of strength on the part of the enemy are concerned, but the frontiers will require to be guarded for some time to protect the settlers on the extensive line from petty raids. Should unfortunately there happen a failure to meet and chastise the Indians from any cause whatever, the whole border will be in great danger of attack by large bodies of the savages.

Second. You have been furnished with an accurate statement of all the military forces in this district, from which you will perceive that there are stations along a line several hundred miles in extent, varying from twelve to twenty miles distant from each other, which are occupied by small detachments. Daily communications is kept up between these small posts, in order to detect the passage of Indians on their way to the settlements, the stations being entirely outside and beyond them. In my judgment [it is] exceedingly unsafe to diminish this comparatively small force before the termination of the Indian war. The establishment of a strong post on James River and another at Devil's Lake, both of which have been ordered and named by the War Department, will tend greatly to a speedy suppression of hostilities on the part of the Indians. The garrisons of these posts are to consist of four companies of cavalry and four companies of infantry each, so that almost all of the expeditionary force dispatched from this district to join General Sully will be required for the two posts, as the companies of Thirtieth Wisconsin Volunteers, who are to build Fort Wadsworth, will, as soon as relieved by companies of the returning expedition, march to join the remainder of the regiment under General Sully on the Missouri.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

New Orleans, July 4, 1864-11.15 a. m.

General B. S. ROBERTS,

Morganza, La.:

Direct Colonel Davis that orders may be sent him to move, and if so he will move with no transportation, except ambulances, and will subsist himself from the country, and to be prepared accordingly.



Morganza, La., July 4, 1864.

Major General J. J. REYNOLDS,

New Orleans:

The Polar State has just left with the last troops of the infantry of the First and Second Divisions. The headquarters guard of General