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133 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


GLASGOW, July 11, 1864.

Major-General ROSECRANS,

Saint Louis:

The people of Glasgow and vicinity have this day held a meeting in response to 107. The indorsement was hearty. More money pledged than men, but the money will bring the soldiers.


SAINT JOSEPH, MO., July 11, 1864.

Colonel O. D. GREENE,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

The following dispatch just received from Fort Leavenworth:

Captain G. A. HOLLOWAY:

We have reliable information that Colonel Thornton is at Platte City, Mo., at the head of 600 guerrillas, having been joined by three companies of militia; three other companies are said to be expected to join them before morning. There are indications that they will attack Weston.


Major and Aide-de-Camp.

From what information I can gain there are about 150 guerrillas regularly organized, under one Taylor, encamped on Platte River, near Platte City. If it be true the Paw Paws have joined them we are powerless, and they aggregate not less than 500. Thornton has undoubtedly recruited some of the militia, for they report men absent without authority. Have been trying for two days to have the Platte County militia pitch into the guerrillas under Taylor, but they seem to possess neither strength nor courage. Their men go off on their own motion and the officers confess they cannot control them. Upward of ninety of the rascals were roaming through the southern tier of townships of this county on yesterday. They burnt buildings and murdered one Mr. Norris, an old gentleman of Union sentiments. The inhabitants of these towns are flocking to Saint Joe quite rapidly. I shall undoubtedly get more information during the day, and in case they demonstrate on Saint Joe I shall improvise a militia force for its protection. In the absence of General Fisk I considered it my duty to make the above statements. Awaiting further orders,

I am, very respectfully,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

SAINT JOSEPH, July 11, 1864.

Brigadier-General FISK,

Glasgow, Mo. (via Macon):

Shall I instruct Captain Mead to issue arms to two companies of citizens organized for the sole defense of the town? They are commanded by Bradshaw, Thompson, and other ex-officers of volunteers. They will do is good service if necessary to use them. Answer immediately. General Curtis informs me of the reported occupation of Platte City by Thornton and 600 men, composed of Taylor's men and three companies of militia. George S. Park, of Parkville, says they have again visited that place; that the Paw Paw companies of Lieutenants Nash, Ford, and Simpson has surrendered to the guerrillas and were fighting with them. General Curtis says it is reported that