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1003 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


of Conscription, enrolling officers will at once cause a sufficient number of them to be selected, by draft or other equitable means, to perform the work of arresting deserters and collecting unassigned conscripts in the respective counties and parishes and sending them to camps of instruction. The number of men to be selected for each county or parish will be determined by the exigency in each case, but in no event shall there be less then ten nor more than thirty called out in a county or parish, unless an emergency shall demand the services of a larger number, which fact with the additional number called out, will be reported by the enrolling officer, through the proper channel, to the commandant of the State. In making the selections regard must be had to the necessity, as far as practicable, of having every section of the county or time to time, be relieved by other members ofthe corps, when it can be prudently done and equity seems so eo require. Commanding officers of companies will keep rosters of the names and length of service of those placed on duty, for which time they will receive credit on subsequent calls.

II. Commanding officers of companies of the Reserve Corps will, without regard to the authority under which they were organized, at once forward to these headquarters copies of their muster-rolls, and will also report the number of their respective companies that may be called into service under these orders.

III. The conscripts and deserters who may be arrested under these orders will be sent in convenient bodies to the nearest camp of instruction in the State, whence the conscripts will, by proper orders, be assigned to command, and the deserters sent to their command by the commandant of the camp, unless it be more convenient to forward them direct to their command.

IV. Each detachment shall be commanded by one or more commissioned officer of the company or companies from which it is taken, to be selected by draft or other equitable mode,and shall also be accompanied with a suitable number of non- commissioned officers, to be chosen in like manner.

V. Enrolling officers will give the officers in command of detachments in their respective counties or parishes such information and assistance as may be necessary, and will accompany the detachments whenever their presence may be useful. They will, from time to time, forward to these headquarters accurate descriptive lists ofthe persons arrested and give the commands to which the deserters belong.

VI. Officers in command of detachments will promptly report to these headquarters such enrolling officers as neglect or refuse to perform the duties herein imposed upon them, and enrolling officer such officers commanding detachment as are wanting either in faithfulness, efficiency, or vigor. Inspecting officers will be sent to each enrolling district, who will be specially instructed to inquire it no and report fully the conduct of all officers charged with the execution of these orders.

VII. Officers and soldiers who are absent from their commands after the expiration of heir leaves of absence or furloughs,or without the sanction of the department or proper district commander, or who have been detailed by other authority than by the department or district commander,and conscripts who have been detailed otherwise then by the department commander, the chief ofthe Conscript Bureau, or the commandant of conscripts for the State, or who have been exempted