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1004 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


by enrolling officers, except in the cases provided or by clause 1, paragraph IV, General Orders, Numbers 9, current series, from this bureau, will be arrested and sent to their command or camps of instruction.

VIII. Enrolling officers will, after the 15th instant, cause to be arrested and sent to their command or to camps of instruction all able bodied men between the ages of eighteen and forty- five years (except artisans, mechanics, and persons of scientific skill) who may be found in th employment of quartermasters, commissaries, ordnance officers, navy agents, provost- marshals,and officers of the conscript service,and will promptly report t this office such officers as may, after said 15th instant, have such persons in their employ, accompanied with the affidavit of some credible person to the fact that charges amy be preferred against them according to th act of Congress. Details from no source whatever will protect such employes from the operation of this order. Assessors and collectors of Confederate taxes,officers of the Confederate Treasury, and employes of the Niter and Mining Bureau and the Adjutant-General's Department, will not be interfered with until they can be replaced with competent and suitable persons from the Reserve Corps or those found unfit for field service. Nor will this order apply to the parties of herders, drovers, &c., made up by the agent of Major R. A. Howard, until such parties can be completed and lists of them furnished to department headquarters for approval

IX. Enrolling officers will also cause to be arrested and sent to their command or camps of instruction all such persons as have been or may be detailed or exempted for other purposes than duty in the staff departments, who are not regularly in the performance of the duties or prosecution of the business for which they were detailed or exempted.

X. Persons liable to conscription, who are acting as provost- marshals, will at once be enrolled and sent to camps of instruction.

By command of Brigadier-General Greer:


Assistant Adjutant- General.


Marshall, Tex., July 10, 1864.

By orders issued this day from this office, new measures have been adopted to fill up ranks of our depleted army, by placing in the service all who, under the laws, owe military duty, and by returning to the field all deserters from their colors and absentees without leave from the commands. At the same time and by the same means the country can and it is expected will be cleared of the bands of robbers, plunderers,and murderers which infest portions of it.

To secure these desirable ends it is indispensable that all classes of the people should join hands and work together- the civil as well as the military officer,the citizen as well as the soldier has his part to perform. Th untied efforts of all are necessary, and by them the objects desired can and will be effected. The department will be made safe against any future attempted invasion of the common foe, and peace and quiet restored to those sections that have been harassed and plundered by the domestic enemy.

I therefore call upon the citizens ofthe department, those who are enjoying the comforts of home while the soldiery are struggling and bleeding and dying for the, their families, their homes,a nd their