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1053 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


arrived at Shreveport it will then have to be hauled from two to six miles to the different shops. Major Ed. A. Burk, inspector District of Texas, &c., has organized his district very well. I have given him orders to make 1,000 wagons. He has already finished the wood-work of about 400. Major A. S. Morgan, inspector District of Arkansas, has very fine shops at Washington and Camden, Ark. He has repaired about 250 wagons from those partially destroyed and abandoned by the enemy in the recent campaign of Arkansas. Major D. N. Speer, inspector District of West Louisiana, is stationed at Alexandria, and is organizing this district, establishing shops at Shreveport, Keatchie, Mansfield, Natchitoches, and Alexandria. Major Samuel A. Robinson, inspector District of Indiana Territory, has but recently been assigned to duty. The resources of his district are so very small that he will be compelled to draw his supplies from the Districts of Texas and Arkansas. The armies have an abundance of transportation and it has been distributed in accordance with General Orders, Numbers 19, department headquarters (a copy inclosed). Regular inspections are made and all unserviceable means of transportation is turned in to the shops and infirmaries. About 70 per cent. of the animals received in an unserviceable condition have been returned to the service, notwithstanding the prevalence of a contagious catarrh, nearly resembling glanders, which was proved fatal to nearly every animal attacked. The wagons and animals recently captured have been absorbed in forming the immense supply trains required by the armies. I have had but $1,355,000, all of which has been disturbed, and the service suffers for the want of more.

I respectfully call your attention to the reports* accompanying this paper.

All of which is respectfully submitted.


Major and Chief Insp. Field Trans., Trans-Mississippi Dept.

SHREVEPORT, August 10, 1864.

Major-General PRICE,


One thousand arms arrived; will send them by Colonel Taylor's ordnance train. If other arms arrive in time will send up more.


Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff.

August 10, 1864.

Colonel S. D. JACKMAN:

COLONEL: You will order four of the companies of recruits just arrived at your camp to report to Colonel Schnable in order that his regiment may be filled up and organized according to law. You will notify me of the names of the commanders of companies that you cause to report to Colonel Schnable. The remainder of the recruits you will


* Not found.