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1069 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


Diego by Nolan, and his defeat near Garicitas by the gallant Ford, caused the Federal General Herron to call loudly for re-enforcements, which he could not obtain, and forced the last of your enemies to evacuate the soil. Do not be deceived; he may return. Be still prepared to meet him at all points - your safety is in preparation. Wherever I may be, be assured I shall sympathize in all that concerns your success with pride and exultation.

Citizens of Texas, I have called upon you largely for support in my efforts to serve you, and you have responded with promptness and with patriotism. I have driven from your midst the traitors who would have sold you to the enemy, and I leave you, your families and your property, untouched by the ruthless hand of an unprincipled, uncivilized, and destroying foe. Without your liberal assistance I could have accomplished nothing. Give to my successor the same generous support and all will remain well. Do not be decided; the danger is not passed - it may be but just commencing. Yield all you have rather than be unprepared to meet it. That you have suffered from the unauthorized, indiscreet, and improper acts of some of the agents of laws which Congress has been obliged to make severe for the public good, I entertain not a doubt; but I have called through the official channels and through the public press for information on these subjects, and have never turned a deaf ear to any complaint, or failed to apply such remedies as the cases admitted of.

Citizens and soldiers, I bid you farewell, with the assurance that I covet no happier lot, when we shall, have conquered a peace, than to spend with my family the remainder of my life among you.



Fort Brown, August 16, 1864.

Lieutenant W. KEARNY,

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General:

SIR: I have the honor to report that the enemy are yet on Brazos Island, though we are unable to ascertain his strength. His main encampment is on the island. He has tents on this side the Boca Chica, but I am satisfied they are not occupied. They are there to invite us to attempt to capture them, and place ourselves under the guns of the enemy. The operations in front have been active. Lieutenant-Colonel Showalter has had several brisk skirmishes. He is encamped within some six miles of Brazos Island. Almost daily he runs un the enemy's pickets. The steamer Ark is yet aground. The flag and the papers have been given up. She is Yankee. A copy of Lieutenant-Colonel Showalter's report* is herewith inclosed. The two affairs with the enemy reported by Captain Robinson, of Geldings' battalion, are very creditable to that officer. His dash upon Point Isabel was well executed. The retreat of the Yankees into the water was extremely ludicrous. Captain Refugio Benavides has behaved well. He ran a Yankee force of more than double his numbers into the works on Brazos Island, and remained in close proximity to the works for a considerable length of time. Nine of his men, under Lieutenant Eugenio Garza, drove 100 Yankees from a good position. Cater's battalion has


* Not found.