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1096 Series I Volume XLI-II Serial 84 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part II


membered than Watie crossed the Arkansas 21st instant. Gano writes that he is very anxious to cross, and thinks he could do something. I have no doubt of it, but as I am ordered to require him to report in person at Shreveport, and am only holding the same in abeyance till I get some one to relieve him with, I do not feel justified in sending him. I send report of Captain Shannon.* He was sent by my direction about July 1 to communicate with General Shelby. It seems that he captured a mail and did some other damage. There was another brush not long ago by Captain Brewer, of Watie's Cherokees, on Arkansas, turning out all right. There was nothing of much importance in the mail. I send you substance of tri-monthly report First Arkansas; also a letter from quartermaster at Fayetteville to quartermaster at Little Rock, notifying him that he will turn over his surplus wagons to quartermaster at Springfield, Mo. In view of the fact that transportation in the Arkansas army is not abundant this may mean something. I send you a flaming confidential call by a political body at Saint Louis on General Thayer for material aid. This ought to be published entire, heading and all. It will make an excellent electioneering document for the Copperheads. Captain Shannon's report will show when and where captured. General Cooper writes, August 25, that Major Looscan had just returned from a scout toward Fort Smith; saw no enemy or any sign; reports the prevailing opinion that the Feds are preparing to evacuate Fort Smith. I have heretofore notified you that a very large emigrant train, of Arkansas people, recently left Fort Smith going north. Now surplus wagons are to be turned over to quartermaster at Springfield, and (it is reported) the prevailing opinion is the Feds are preparing to evacuate Fort smith. I am not prepared to give this opinion, yet I shall keep a close watch on the signs of the times. I would be glad to know of movements (not contraband) elsewhere.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]


Fayetteville, Ark., August 8, 1864.

Lieutenant Colonel B. O. CARR,

Chief Quartermaster, Little Rock, Ark.:

DEAR SIR: I received yesterday 120 mules, sent me from Saint Louis. They are a fine lot and will do good service. Since mine were captured we have captured 35 from the enemy, and with those I had remaining and those received I have now 169 mules. I think that I can get along very well with the number I have got. Will try to turn over what surplus wagons I may have to Captain Owen, Springfield, Mo.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


First Lieutenant and Q. M., First Arkansas Cavalry, and A. A. Q. M.

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

The tri-monthly report of First Arkansas Cavalry, U. S., to July 31, ultimo, as follows: Eleven companies, commanded by Major T. J. Hunt, at Fayetteville; one company at Van Buren. Total for duty, 538; aggregate, 561; total present, 837; aggregate present, 871; present and absent, 1,078; aggregate present and absent, 1,112. Horses, 104. Guns, 2 - 12-pounder howitzers.


* See August 26, p. 1086.