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99 Series I Volume XXXIV-II Serial 62 - Red River Campaign Part II


HDQRS. DISTRICT OF NORTHEASTERN ARKANSAS, Batesville, Ark., January 17, 1864.

Captain A. B. KAUFFMAN,
Commanding Detach. Eleventh Missouri Cavalry:

CAPTAIN: I sent 160 men this morning to cross Black River 2 miles below Powhatan and move rapidly down east side of Black River to surprise McRae at Jacksonport, where I was informed there were about 100 of the enemy. Since then I have reliable information that he has 300 armed men and I now send you with 150 men to re-enforce the 160 sent this morning under Captain T. J. Majors, which you will do by making a forced march until you join him, using the very utmost diligence and speed which your horses can bear without disabling them for a fight.

You will take the Powhatan road, and the two guides furnished you will conduct you safely to Captain Majors' command. On arriving report to the captain commanding the expedition, and deliver him the letter I gave you as quickly as possible. The success of this expedition depends on your good judgment and the rapidity with which you join Captain Majors' command. Bear this in mind, and feel that I rely on your energy for a successful termination of the plan laid to capture MrRae.

Wishing you success, I am, captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Nebraska Cavalry, Commanding District.

HDQRS. DISTRICT OF NORTHEASTERN ARKANSAS, Batesville, Ark., January 17, 1864.

Captain T. J. MAJORS,
Commanding Battalion, First Nebraska Cavalry:

CAPTAIN: I have this moment learned that McRae is at Jacksonport with 250 armed men; that 40 of his men are at Elgin and 60 on the road from Jacksonport to Village Creek. I send you 150 men under Captain Kauffman to re-enforce you, which will make your force 310 strong; with this you will move with all possible dispatch and secrecy toward Jacksonport, avoiding Elgin, and occupy all the roads leading out of Jacksonport, which once done dash into the town and capture the whole force. Kill every man who wears a Federal uniform in arms; be sure to get McRae. You will extend all the privileges of prisoners of war to such officers and men of the Confederate army captured, but be sure that none escape.

Remain at Jacksonport with your battalion until Thompson gets by with his boat, but send Kauffman's command back as soon as possible. Should you capture many prisoners send part of them through with Captain Kauffman, so as to decrease your duties guarding the balance. Be specially cautious to avoid surprise in return should many of the enemy escape, and in the event that circumstances which I do not foresee should arise, exercise your own good judgment in using the forces placed under your command. For your information I would state that it is reported that Colonel Adams has 300 men near Canton, west of Powhatan. Should you not find him at Jacksonport, it will be fair to infer that he is near Canton, and that the report of his having joined McRae is false; in that case you