Today in History:

51 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah


December 2. -Marched to Buck Head Church; distance, twelve miles.

December 3. -Marched past Millen; distance, ten miles.

December 4. -Marched to Cooked Run; distance, four miles.

December 5. -Crossed Little Ogeechee; distance, twelve miles.

December 6. -Marched seven miles.

December 7. -Marched to Springfield; distance, fifteen miles.

December 8. -Marched toward Monteith; distance, thirteen miles.

December 9. -Marched to Monteith Swamp; distance, six miles.

December 10. -Marched within four miles of Savannah, Ga. ; distance, eleven miles.

December 11 to 20. -Siege of Savannah.

December 21. -Entered Savannah before daylight, several hours in advance of any other portions of our army.

December 22 to 31. -Division on post duty, General Geary being commandant of the city.

First Brigade, Second Division.

November 15. -In accordance with orders received the brigade broke camp at Atlanta, Ga., at 7 a. m. ; bivouacked for the night near Stone Mountain; distance, thirteen miles.

November 16. -Marched to near Sheffield, Walton Country, Ga., and encamped for the night.

November 17. -Marched to near Social Circle; went into camp for the night at 5 p. m. ; distance marched, about eighteen miles.

November 18. -Marched to near Madison, Morgan County, passing through the stations of Social Circle and Rutledge, on the Georgia Railroad, destroying the depots and other public property, also tearing up the railroad track on the route.

November 19. -The brigade, in company with the other brigades of the division, was ordered on an expedition down the Georgia Railroad to the Oconee River, to destroy it and the railroad bridge over the above-named stream; went into camp for the night at Blue Spring, Morgan County, Ga., near the Oconee River.

November 20. -Moved at 7 a. m., and marched to Dunham's Tannery, Putnam County, Ga.

November 21. -Moved at 8 a. m., passing by Philadelphia Church, and went into camp for the night.

November 22. -Moved at 6. 30 a. m. ; struck the Eatonton and Milledgeville Railroad at Dennis Station; marched down the railroad; crossed Little River near railroad bridge, passing through Milledgeville, the capital of the State, and went into camp on the east side of the Oconee River, where the brigade remained in camp until the morning of the 24th.

November 24. -Marched at 7 a. m., and bivouacked on the east side of Gun Creek, Washington Country, Ga.

November 25. -Moved at 6. 30 a. m. ; was delayed several hours in rebuilding bridges over Buffalo Creek, which had been destroyed by the enemy' a few days previous, and encamped for the night on the east side of the creek.

November 26. -Moved at 8 a. m. ; marched to Sandersville, Washington County, Ga., at which place the division, in connection with the First Division, was detached and ordered to Tennille Station, on the Georgia Central Railroad, to destroy the railroad from that place toward Davisborough. After destroying two miles of track we encamped for the night about three miles east of the last-named place.